“Wi-Fi Smog” is an online video put together by an environmental nurses group where a nurse can get credit. I found the information about life from the womb to adulthood the most alarming.

Great financial interests have covered up this topic. Some popular publications (owned by telecom industries) pooh pooh the subject.

5G is coming – hopefully not to Williamsburg anytime soon. It is much much more harmful than what is here now.


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Earth Day ed

In more recent years I have given a list of  items with mercury at Earth Day events where I have had a table to interact with folks.  This year of course everything is virtual.

So what I’ve included here is about 1/3 of the list.  If you are interested in the complete list you can call and leave your name and snail mail address.

Current products with Mercury (Hg) in th USA

1-Dental mercury “amalgam” fillings – appear silver
50% Hg. See “Smoking Tooth” video online
2- fish – dangerous amounts in tile fish, swordfish,
kingmackerel, shark *mercury rising in tuna,
grouper, snapper, orange roughy
3-coal power plants – primary source of airborne Hg
4- settles in water for anaerobic bacteria to change
it into  methymercury (more dangerous).
Mercury is recycled in the US – after banning it
from paints in 1989 and banning Mercurochrome
thereabouts, it continues elsewhere.

See “Shade” 10/27/19 for current testing.

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Sierra Club – There are more than 20,000 Virginia residents who belong to this environmentally concerned group.

When I moved here in 1992 they used to regularly have meetings here. The first time I joined the local group they had an educational session about herbs given by a medical doctor at the public library. For years there was petitioning, picketing, and meeting government officials to stop the plan to use some Mattaponi land for a peninsula reservoir. Result: Mattaponi kept the land. The Club did the same to stop a coal power plant from being built in Surry. Result: There is nothing in Surry to spew out mercury etcetera into my neighborhood.

My last Club newspaper lists 11 chapters. They are organizing (now virtually) to stop fracking plans in a bunch of areas across the state. For fun they have hiking and camping trips, watch films, and eat together.

Examples of newer topics:

“Pass on plastics” with a sewing demonstration of making reusable bags from nylon net. They are durable, strong, washable, and colorful.bags for groceries. The Rappahannock group got a state grant to make the bags.

There is still some concern about Dominion Power rolling out Smart Meters. The Club has helped educate against them so that customers have let state officials know they don’t want them. Smart Meters radiate a lot of harmful EMFs.

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Shiva continues

Dr Vendana Shiva owns a biodiverse farm in the state of Uttarakhand, India.  They have many kinds of seeds of olden times.  There was so much more nutritious variety of food to eat before big business started to change it.  Her farm is a center for organic farming and much more.  Working there (which attracts students from around the world) may earn one some college credit.  Rights of organic farmers and how to keep such a farm despite the the lure of quicker money from big food corporations are other topics.

Uttarakhand is one of 11 states in India now outlawing these big corporations to come in with a genetically modified idea.

Her farm, Navdanya, also hosts some guests.  I did actually stay there.  It’ s very nice if you like rustic!  This state draws visitors for its natural beauty, yoga and Ayurvedic classes, and religious significance. Quite successful and growing.  Nice place to stay if you like rustic!  Opportunities to get college credit for working there with others from around the world. Uttarakhand has much natural beauty and also religious significance.

See also “Wild” 1/28/20 entry.

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Not the god of India.  Dr Vandana Shiva is a worldwide activist and
speaker promoting healthy food.  She spoke at the William and Mary Earth Day In 2018.  She openly criticizes the big corporation begining with the letter “M” now bought by another with the letter “B”.  For that activity she has gotten death threats!

The same company is responsible for glyphosate in tampons and foods!  We all need to wake up!

In the area of Virginia near West Virginia and in West Virginia I have seen family farm names with the logo of the “C” corporation (which I knew was a subsidiary of the gigantic “M” corporation).

See next entry  “Shiva continues”.

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