With all the stress this year about a new variant of COVID, masks, mandates, etc one family got creative.  Creative decision:  Celebrations of Christmas will be outside barbecues in June from now on.😁

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This is the name of a 2017 movie I’ve seen more recently which is now available on Prime Time Video.  For those who have used corporate conventional medicine exclusively it could be an eye opener.  Deepak Chopra MD is one of the speakers here about body-mind medicine.

It seems to me there’s been a glaring oversight in this culture about the fact that the body has the ability to heal itself.  It really does.  We might take some of this more isolated time to get in touch with our inner healer.

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Two Minute Mornings  I don’t know where this book came from.  Saw it in my house and started to use it at the beginning of the year.  I’m suggesting it for growth during this time when we have so much more time to be alone.  Enjoy!

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As many will be buying presents for holiday seasons, here’s a suggestion:  “The Ribbon Breath Meditation” CD by Ticia Agri.  She has presented this at various energy healing conferences.  We listened to it in the healing group I had in my home years ago.  David met her in an Integrative Manual Therapy class.

This CD has a dramatic musical background, some nature sounds, and her voice guiding through the energy centers of the body.  Neat pictures to follow along if you are new to the subject. 

Opening up your energy centers, this is real.

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Small gifts

Now that coconut oil has returned to the shelves! I’m using it to make creams with essential oils.  Depending on which oil you add you can use them to sniff for uplifting your spirits.  In the Christian tradition we learned the wise men brought frankincense to honor the Baby Jesus.

The therapeutic oils can be used to make various sprays – like lemon for cleaning, or lemon eucalyptus or oregano to protect against tick bites (see entry 6/18/20).

Jojoba is an excellent carrier oil.  No one is allergic to it.  It’s excellent to use on your face.

According to Dr Andrew Weil, the founder of the Integrative medical program at the University of Arizona, giving some online continuing education credits, there is science and research to back up using essential oils.  I met someone using them on hospital corridors regularly years before this virus.  Not in this town.

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