I recently went camping in Virginia where there wasn’t any wi-fi.  I can feel the difference. Sitting on a porch in the rain my husband said there was a strong pleasant smell that he had never smelled before.  He is a senior who has come here since boyhood.  Someone guessed it might be old pine trees and pollen.

Our current environment is changing people’s behaviors.  At the campground a middle-aged man spoke about his winter trip to Michigan, where for the first time in 40 years there was no ice for him to go ice fishing.  In my alumni magazine I read about a young man who’s family has been catching and serving lobster for generations.  He’s hoping with his college degree in relevant coursework to his family tradition that he will be able to continue “lobstering”.  Warmer temperatures on Block Island is the factor pushing lobsters north.

In Virginia oysters and menhaden (food for larger fish) are facing warmer temperatures too.