Available in English and Spanish since September 2020 is a patient education fact sheet warning about mercury in dental fillings.  These “silver amalgam”/“silver fillings”/“amalgam” have been the traditional dental filling in this country since the 1800s.  For the history of the formation of the American Dental Association read the leading blog of the 18th earlier this month.

Unfortunately no one is enforcing actually giving the info sheet to patients.  In fact where we live there are many dentists’s websites contradicting the fact sheet.

To view the formulated sheet see dental amalgam graphics.  But this is different from the free holistic oral summits online I’ve referred to earlier.

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Many topics are under this general heading in 2022.  We humans are electrical beings also, although most of us in this culture aren’t yet aware of it.  We do react to the electromagnetic frequencies around us.  Some of our uncomfortable symptoms may be coming from this daily interaction.  Current technology verifies this, although practitioners using methods to correct or lessen symptoms may not use any.

The Encyclopedia of Energy Medicine (2010) is like a directory explaining some 60 “modalities”, pattern of methods.  They are all being studied and used in this country.  Many were developed by USA folks.  Some take many, many hours of study and practice, like the Barbara Brennan group.

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Sushi can be a major source of mercury ( a potent neurotoxin) because the high-level of mercury in this tuna in it is disguised with many names: ahi, maguro, meji, shiro, toro.  No one is suggesting not to eat fish.  But the differences in mercury levels of various fish are substantial.  I’ve never seen any warning sign about it in any fish here in town.

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation thinks there is “way too much mercury” in bass being fished out of it.  No warnings from this state.

Toxicologists with Sierra Club are finding the mercury levels are alarming in skin-lightening creams!  The Food and Drug Administration banned mercury in cosmetics years ago.  So how is this happening?   These products are being imported from other countries without listing mercury as an ingredient.  Some of the front-side labeling is not English.  Hmm!😕

All of the above are part of the reason why the MDs on You Tube and TV say things like:  “It’s not easy to maintain health”.  “How much health can any of us really have.?” 

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Earthing is getting downtime from the electronic world, the 5G, which is now covering this small town.  The most important place to steer clear of electricity is your sleeping area.  Turn off the circuit breaker to the area at bedtime.

Don’t ever hold your cell phone up to your head if possible, use speaker phone, and if necessary, don’t hold it so long.

Nick Pineault has some good podcasts (free) to learn about various forms of protection.  He also wrote a great guidebook, The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs, chapters about different places in your immediate environment.   (See also blogs 4/23& 26& 29/2021).

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I’m not referring to the sign of astrology.  If you lookup “Leo Cashman” online you will come to him being interviewed for Amandashealthjournal.  There you can read the history of the formation of the American Dental Association.  Not good.🙁

My blogs of this past February shed light on the current ADA activities.

Leo is a leader of the Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions group.  (See 1/23/21 for explanation).

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