Actually it’s the food colorings/synthetic dyes in our USA foods and vitamins that is yet another detail eroding our health.  Yellow#_ and red #_ are examples of what we can see on labels.
In the 1970s I learned scientists and a Dr Feingold
had evidence synthetic food dyes were factors involved in causing kids’ hyperactivity, learning problems, and unruly behavior. In the 1980s Ralph Nader tried to force the FDA to label them as toxins to avoid.

In the 1990s I initiated a plan to give a multivitamin to a small child patient who was only willing to eat bananas. The medical facility dispensed a popular brand name vitamin with various numbered colors listed.
This patient was already brain-injured and displaying
hyperactive behavior! The results: he jumped higher, ran faster, and began to climb up on a table to dance without music.  He never did speak.
Now there’s damning evidence against these dyes –
growth of tumors, in addition to symptoms listed above. While other countries, like the European Union have banned food dyes, the US load is increasing.  This old brand name kids vitamin is in my neighborhood now being sold to unsuspecting caregivers.
Dr Mercola’s website has the science.
Center for Science in the Public Interest has opportunity for online activism to ban these substances as they have done in Europe.
What reminds me about all this? My hairdresser. My new stylist, Becca, displays a sign saying she cuts hair
for children’s wigs – for kids who have lost their hair after chemo & radiation.

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“Eating on the Wild Side” is a fun book!   It combines
interesting details like:  Jefferson was among the first to bring tomatoes to our colonies; why the nutritional value of our plants have changed; and how we can now choose the most nutritious food.  Who knew the smaller tomatoes have more vitamin C? Or that the deepest red ones have the most lycopene ( very nutritious)?

A few recipes are included in this fun text.

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Ever wonder what the numbers mean on your fruits and vegetables? I’ve never seen any grocery store
having an explanation. Here’s what an immigrant,
having confusion about USA foods, passed on to me.
5 digit: 9-xxxx. Organic
5 digit: 8-xxxx. GMO or GE has genes from other
organisms. (most USA corn and soybeans)
4 digit:  xxxx. Conventionally grown, has pesticides.
The England Journal of Medicine has a short audio online to explain why organic choices are healthier.

Also a new a alpha numerical code has been formulated for NCGS (non-celiac gluten sensitivity).  Now the people who’ve been feeling the effects of the USA modern wheat products can get their concern validated
by their health care team.
Other medical codes exist now to validate and lend support to those with sensitivity to the electronic world.  (see Green Bank entry)
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Destructive to nutritional benefits of foods. and the Weston Price Foundation have lots to say against them.
The World Health Organization ranks the USA #37 in health.
Over 90% of households in the US have microwaves.

Last year we bought our first toaster oven

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Green Bank

Green Bank is a place in the state of West Virginia.  Because it is a federal government site for a research telescope, there are no cell phone towers allowed.  So it has become a refuge area for those who are hypersensitive to our wireless world!  No joke!  A friend stayed at my house for 2 nights and proclaimed the bedroom areas are safe, showing green according to her meter.  She was on her way to her new home she had purchased there.  This small town is now becoming a refuge for people suffering from hypersensitivity to the wireless world.

More about meters later.

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