Christopher Shade, PhD is a globally recognized expert about testing and detoxing mercury (a potent neurotoxin).  He has been featured in DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions) newsletter articles in more recent years.

His tri-test using urine, blood, and hair through Quicksilver Scientific shows levels of different forms of mercury and gives some indication of kidney functioning.  This is a newer test.

The test kit can be ordered by any individual in Virginia online  You return the kit by mail with your specimens.  The cost (not covered by insurance) includes explanation of results.  For detox you may, but need not choose this company.

Although some forms of mercury have been banned in my lifetime, other sources remain.

William and Mary geology students have been appreciative of DAMS participating in college Earth Day events.  They understand they are being exposed to some mercury in their coursework.  But many folks using skin lighteners aren’t aware that there are some 19 products containing a very high level of mercury.  I learned that detail from the Sierra Club.

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