Sixth sense

See beyond your limited situation.  Dwell on those moments when you feel free ,exhilarated, unbounded.  Seek love as your birthright, along with bliss and creativity.  Dedicate yourself to exploring the unknown.  Know that there is something infinitely precious beyond the reach of the 5 senses.

Sending energy healing with focused intent may be combined with religious prayer, or not, to send to someone/someplace at a distance.  Those studying some biofield therapies would agree.  Online meeting with a Zoom group I have done it.  Sending this to those suffering from the immediate scenes of violence is real.  As it is for others.

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Cold showers help the mind focus.  Wim Hof is the iceman athlete from Netherlands who has made many aware of it.  Folks I connect with on Zoom using natural health methods made me aware of it.  Brrr!

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Ever seen the Edible Arrangements business.  Take a look.  I got one of these arrangements as a gift years ago.  I recently bought one as a gift for the 4th of July. Here in town it’s not far from the Innovative Pain Release center on Strawberry Plains Rd. 

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Dr K

On the topic of electronics, Dr Klinghardt says radio frequencies are the worst.   Cell phones, cordless phones, especially those marked “Digitally Enhanced cordless Communications (DECT)”.  It makes it more difficult for oxygen to get into the the blood. 

Dr Magda Havas has a neat short video showing blood cells as seen before and after exposure to EMFs.

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Clean air

  Clean air workshops coming up With Sierra Club coming up:

Topic: monitoring the air quality – where

Lambert’s Point Community Center July 14 6 to 8:30pm Norfolk

C Waldo Scott Center Newport New. July 28 6 to 8:30pm Newport News

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