Taking some time to feel gratitude daily is a key to feeling well and hopeful.  As we look around here in Williamsburg we have much natural beauty not being wrecked this year by any calamity like we see in the news.  We have many choices for food – groceries or dining out or even getting it delivered.  A book I use is Two Minute Mornings which gives me a chance to write down goals, gratitude, and letting go.  I’ve given it several times as a gift.🌸 Happy Holidays!

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Music suggestion

Tibia Agri has a lovely musical piece guiding through the 7 basic chakras to increase your personal unique vibration.  This does improve health and also feeling of well-being.

I first experienced it in a biofield class years ago.  She has presented this piece at various holistic national events.  The title is the “Ribbon Breath Meditation”.  It’s available as a CD and also on iPhone.  It’s a powerful piece of music.

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After some trauma to the body the body’s fascia may become tight and restricted.  Trauma, not the best posture, or inflammation may cause pain.  Standard tests like myelograms, x-rays, CT scans may not show the restriction.  But there is pain.  

Light touch therapy at Innovative Pain Release on 504 Strawberry Plains Rd may relieve or eliminate this kind of pain.

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