A long time ago I heard a Virginia Sierra Club (environmental organization) leader say this country has been hijacked by corporations.  At the time I didn’t quite understand that.  Now there are those saying that corporations and money-making have hijacked our science (including medical-dental).  That’s why there are topics here that aren’t covered by the mainstream media.

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I feel gratitude than no natural disaster has affected/effected my neighborhood since 2003. But the Virginia college students who spoke at a monthly Virginia chapter Sierra Club meeting on Zoom as part of Earth Day in April are having traumatic experiences.  Building business, other business, or home property have been destroyed.  Climate change is causing these events to families who have had these properties for years. 😕

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Aluminum is a the topic of a very enlightening article in the Weston A Price Foundation Journal Spring 2019 beginning on page 18.  By expelling it out of our body we should have more energy.

Living in modern times we are collecting a lot – from cooking pans, deodorant, aluminum foil, packaged baked goods, and on and on.

By drinking silicon-rich mineral water, like the Fiji and Volvic brands you will pee it out.It’s that simple.  This is one way to protect brain cells, and actually all your other cells. 

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Leave No Trace is a group I met at the Newport News Park for the Earth Day event.

They recycle shoes, so they have large containers around…

They get young people involved in protecting the natural environment.  A local high school volunteer was giving out information at their table.  They recycle styrofoam.  They turn trash into benches.

The group was new to me.

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Bill Gates is owning more than 9% of the funding of World Health Organization.  That’s why he has so much say so in their activities.  To my knowledge he has no medical qualifications of any sort.  He is also buying farmland to produce bioengineered food.

“The breakfast of champions” of my childhood now has bioengineered on its box.

There are others who live or work in this town who are also bothered by all that.  See blog post of May 2.

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