Modern medicine – according to the mainstream corporate – views our bodies as nothing more than complex machines.  And so we can be “fixed” like other machines.  We only need add the right oil or maybe replace a part and we’ll be fine.  

The view of the growing minority in this country is that the body has an innate ability to heal itself.  The mind body spirit practitioners view the the physical reality of us that way.  So when any disease, like a cancer forms, they view it as protecting ourselves from something toxic – chemicals, radiation, toxic teeth, or stored up negative feelings.

As more of us come to understand where the malady or symptoms are coming from we can change some behaviours and improve our quality of life.  Learning or sharing a biofield therapy can certainly help.

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If you want to share a poster with some group about environmental health you can print one or many easily from Environmental Health Trust. These warn about dangers of electronic world.

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Earth Day

The business is opening on Earth Day 2023 in the Williamsburg Crossing of John Tyler Highway.   It has appeared in other town events and will now be selling earth friendly (without plastic) products at this location.  Tongue scrapers, hair brushes, natural shampoo in refillable bottles.  No plastic here.

Masala Indian Kitchen all GF gluten-free.  And all Indian food doesn’t have to be spicey.

Aticha Thai Cuisine has many gluten-free choices.  And you can easily alter ingredientsto have grain-free.

Williamsburg Community Shred-A-Thon will be held on April 29 from 8 to 11am.  Check online for details.

There are many Earth Day topics here at previous April blogs.

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We recently donated to Salvation Army in honor of our friend, who studied for her PhDhere at William and Mary.  Of course we did not donate tuna, high in MERCURY.This friend, a college professor of science, only stopped exposing herself and students to MERCURY in the science classroom after the year 2000.  Colorless, odorless, and tasteless we in this country have been slow to recognize the NEUROTOXIN’s effects.

Now I met a person sitting at Salvation Army reception area on who understands no  MERCURY tuna will be given to pregnant women.  Actually Michael Ziff, DDS, a mercury-free dentist, wrote a book, Infertility & Birth Defects. in 1987!!

Previous years of April blogs here have other Earth Day topics.

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Air quality in some areas is better than others.  I recently went to a small business gathering where I met a woman selling and wearing an air filtration device around her neck. It was as long as my index finger.  She said she has so many allergies it is quite helpful. She is not yet 50 years old.

The good news- She doesn’t live in this county.  Residents here worked for 3 years to stop a coal powered plant from being built in Surry to spew out the potent MERCURY and other “particulate matter”.  This would have easily travelled into my neighborhood!

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