My insurance

My insurance wants me to have screenings with various tests.  I tested my hair for level of glyphosate from the Health Research Institute – not with my insurance.

I’ve learned that farm workers and golfers are at high risk for many symptoms from exposure.  But HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) so common in so many foods we eat has glyphosate.  Nowadays most feminine hygiene products, like tampons have glyphosate.  To make better choices check out with brands of non-toxic ladies’ essentials.  

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In federal court the National Resources Defense Council and associates have now won the case against the weed killer, glyphosate in Roundup and other herbicides.  This is a reversal of an earlier decision the EPA made to continue glyphosate for another !15 years.

The USA population has more (cancer causing) glyphosate than other populations around the world, says Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, who travels to other parts of the world.  

In federal court The National Resources Defense Council won against our Environmental Protection Agency about TCVP, a pesticide in flea collars damaging brains of young children.  They are hoping for a ban of that.  Already several large pet store corporations have stopped selling these collars.

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My busywork

You may find the article published officially in April 2022 by a nurses group looking at environmental factors impacting health – that they asked me to write.  I can tell you what they overlooked – Chris Shade’s mercury (and other toxic metals) testing.  He began delving into mercury by looking at his own mercury level first.  See for testing as a Virginia resident.

Links in the article to Boyd 😏Haley’s peer reviewed journal articles have been disabled. Probably by the same group who’s ransacked his office.  Fortunately podcasts of him are available online.  (I’m using the Brave browser.)

Some dental schools in other states (California, Texas, New England) have now stopped teaching future dentists to use MERCURY, a potent neurotoxin, for dental restorations, commonly referred to as “silver fillings” or “amalgam”.

Some peninsula dentists continue to advertise safety of dental mercury on their websites – in spite of the fact that the FDA has warning infographics issued for patient education.  When was that issued?  The fall of 2020.

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Another Halloween

For several years I’ve been buying non-food items for kids for Halloween.  I met a mom with a small child in a store and we talked about this.  She’s doing the same thing.  Her daughter would be collecting stickers that day for playing a game in the store, getting the alternative to the lollipop also be given as a prize.

Maybe the non-food treat give-aways will become a new behaviour for more folks,🌞

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Cell phones

If you’re ready to read about the dangers of cell phones, there’s a heavy duty article in The Nation by Dowie and Hertsgaard which is online.

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