I’ve always really liked chocolate. But I rarely ate it during my growing up years – mom’s rule. Nowadays I choose it without the newer form of sugar common in such products, HFCS (high fructose corn syrup). But the soy lecithin in the chocolate treats had escaped my notice until more recently. Soy is one of the top 8 allergens in this country. It is genetically modified. It is in a lot of products.

Russell Blaylock, MD, and the Weston A Price Foundation (see entries “The Others” and “WAPF”) say soy lecithin destroys the brain and nervous system.

But at Trader Joe’s I discovered a lovely chocolate treat, their SunButter cups near the cash register.
🇺🇸Happy Fourth of July!

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Green tea

Just another health fad? Think again. Good quality green tea is a perfect choice to help protect against many common medical problems. According to recent studies done at Rutgers University a couple of cups of green tea daily can provide some protection against many types of cancer. It has also been applied topically to skin, including the inside of the mouth – to result in positive change(s).
Loose tea is more potent than bagged. We from Innovative Pain Release buy it from IMT Wellness. You may talk to David about ordering some.

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Universal life force

Look like words from Star Trek?  In 2020 they can be used in an energy healing group as we cultivate our essence to make beneficial changes to ourselves and others.  Due to COVID I recently participated in a virtual workshop where we did treat each other at a distance.  

During a lunch break I opened the kitchen door to the deck and got a really painful sting from a hornet.  The painful finger quickly blew up and became red.  I was no longer able to bend the finger.  I participated in the 4 hour afternoon session.  I could feel the pain moving up and down the finger.  By the end of the class there was no pain, redness or swelling.  That finger continues to move more easily than the ones on either side of it. Hmm.

According to some medical information the effect of such a sting could last 48 hours. But then how could that little pest cause my finger so much pain?

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TM etc

Transcendental Meditation (TM) has been talked about and taught in this country since the 1960s. It’s not affiliated with any religion, although it does come from the ancient traditions of India. I first learned about it in a psychology class – as a method to reduce stress. We saw graphs showing changes in brain wave activity – proving its usefulness. Nowadays you can see this online. But I actually learned the TM technique in Richmond when they started teaching it right down the street from where I lived. The price was much much lower at that time.

Nowadays there 600 published studies about these techniques. Bear in mind that these began before cell phones began being almost glued to people’s heads. TM meditators are not among the clueless who continue to charge cell phones near their heads while asleep.

The online is a great site to get an introduction to these ancient topics – meditation, consciousness, Ayurveda (medicine of India) being used in USA, and more. Some classes are free.

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Mini- menace

Recently we travelled into Virginia backwoods and in a small town rest stop spied an article in a free newspaper about ticks, labelled as a mini menace. Some basics came from a Dr Richard Marconi, an epidemiologist at Virginia Commonwealth University. Ticks are transported from place to place by small mammals and deer. Then they wait on leaves and grass for you to come. They are attracted to the CO2 (carbon dioxide) of our breath as we exhale! Virginia is now one of the 14 leading states where the ticks are biting.

You can be bitten and not feel anything. They are very tiny but with close inspection you may see one stuck on you. You should remove it with tweezers and pull it out completely. Every bite does not give Lyme disease. Medical folks test when there is a red splotch “bulls eye” left on the skin, or when the tick has been stuck there for 24 hours, or when symptoms are reported. But symptoms don’t usually appear, the article stated, for 5 to 14 days. People may attribute symptoms to something else and never get tested.

It was during this lockdown time my husband and I went into Virginia backwoods. I was wearing long pants with socks pulled up over the pants edge. I had brought a spray I made with oil of oregano and water, tweezers, and tea tree oil to apply if bitten. I asked a woman I met if she wanted me to spray some oil of oregano on her. She was wearing wearing thongs on
her feet, shorts, and a sleeveless top. She said she had already had an “absolutely horrible time with Lyme disease” which lasted for months. She didn’t take me up on my offer. Seems she doesn’t like the smell of oregano. I didn’t take any lemon eucalyptus with me that day. The small town newspaper also suggested that for prevention.

(Also see entry, “Good possums” 5/22/20.)

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