(See entry “Sweet Deception” of 4/1/2020.

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Women’s voices

This website started because younger women (younger than me, anyway) believe that women are getting more cancers than men because of exposure to different toxins – products used by women or purchased for their households.

This is actually a website: where you can protest and participate to clean up women’s products. !!GLYPHOSATE!! in tampons. There is a lot of evidence that glyphosate causes cancer.  Some of us know tampons are a “necessity” as we double-up on days of heavier flow.

Then there’s nail polish …..I only learned about that last summer through the online body electric summit of 2019.  Nail polish seeps through fingernails so the toxins easily enter the body.

You can read about the results of some of their activities on the website.  We can see most chemicals used in fragrances have never been tested for safety.

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Making masks

Jo Ann’s Fabrics in Newtown gave me a free kit to sew 10 masks. It had instructions. I watched a demo online too. Quite a tedious task. But using the microwave at the office to sterilize – wasn’t the best idea. Most of them burned up. The incident really shook up the man in the office next door. I apologized in-person.

Dr Peter Evans (the mercury-free dentist in town) and staff never did get any of those masks. I may make another batch using Jo Ann Fabrics. I’ll bypass the tedious sewing.

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Good possums in my yard

Possums are actually the mammals, opossums.  Opening their mouths they appear scary.  But the are not interested in biting anyone.  They don’t eat pretty flowers or plants.  They don’t carry rabies.  They lick themselves to eat thousands of ticks every year and also rummage through the trash and eat other dead animals they might find.  With tick bites affecting people here (Lyme disease) there are reasons to appreciate “possums”. Average life span is 2years.

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Donating blood

Gentle.  I don’t know if it was the gentle touch of the technician or my history of working in the energy field – but I didn’t feel the finger prick to test my blood or the needle in my arm to extract blood.

All the Red Cross mobile units have been shut down until the end of the year because of social distancing.  That means there are fewer places to collect blood.  With all the conditions they were screening out, I wondered who’ll be giving blood.

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