Cinnamon is something I used to think of only at the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas. I see it in so many other places and read about it too.  There’s s some included in a ready-made applesauce we’ve bought in the grocery store.  One year a neighbor gave me and David a cinnamon cake!   

Cinnamon is a popular spice in this country.  It can help lower blood sugar, meaning it can reduce or limit medication which a lot of people are taking nowadays.  One of the ladies I met at a Weston A Price potluck told an interesting story about it.  Her medical doctor said he would have to put her on prediabetes medication if numbers on the medical test didn’t go down.  She added one teaspoon of cinnamon to her coffee every morning.  Result?  Her doctor was happy not to prescribe any medication for her.  This senior citizen, although a bit overweight, was happier too.

Coffee spikes insulin, so adding cinnamon in some form at breakfast can be a good choice.  You might consider it in one of Dr Hyman’s shakes from his book, The Blood Sugar Solution. (See entry “Breakfast”, 9/1/20.)

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S e a r c h i n g

I’m suggesting DuckDuckGo as your default search engine for topics, people, and events interested in promoting health without negative side effects.

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Shopping for treats

Last year I decided to really get radical when shopping for Halloween treats.  I ruled out making popcorn for Halloween handouts I got when I was a kid.  Nowadays parents expect sealed goods. But when I went to shop for treats there was the treacherous high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) or glyphosate in all the “treats”, not in food when I was a kid.  So I bought and handed out items that weren’t food.  The Weston Price group I eat with smiled when I told them.

My advice is to get creative🎃

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They are BOLD in my neighborhood.  They can come onto the deck and look in the glass kitchen door.  Some have antlers.  So my question to my husband, who does understand about Virginia nature is, “How should I behave if one starts to approach me in an aggressive manner?  Should I wave my arms while saying shoo?”

“No.  “You should move away while looking friendly.  But if the deer begins to attack then of course run, scream, or whatever to escape.”

Their homes have been taken away as the area cuts down so many trees to prepare for…..They annoy by eating pretty flowers, like the day lillies in my yard.  Fall is mating season, where they really are leaping around.  I’ve had my car repaired more than once because of a deer.  They carry ticks (leading to Lyme’s disease for some folks).

On the plus side I enjoy seeing them.  They can be comical.  They play now with a neighbor’s mostly white cat.  They’ve shaved a neighbors’ wooden mailbox post.

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P Brian Weiss, MD. a psychiatrist, who didn’t discount something unusual a patient was experiencing, was lead to the topic of past lives.  He is the author of the book, Many Lives Many Masters 👍.  He teaches past life regression therapy.  That book was not there for me to become acquainted with as a young psychology student, but the topic of past lives from an older book was in the class and was discussed.

Mona Lisa Schulz, MD, PhD. She could see what was going on in the human physical body a long time ago.  She was having paranormal experiences before she became a medical doctor. She has changed to teaching medical intuition online, since the lockdown time.  (Technology doesn’t actually let the med team know everything.  Some of their technology has negative side effects.)  

Rachel Remen,MD, at 82 years young is still sought after to speak at various alternative medical events and is still interviewed.  I recently read an interview with her in a magazine.  She spoke of her awareness that there’s so much more to the person’s self than what she learned in medical school.  She herself has had her life saved medically more than once and has had a chronic condition for more than 60 years.  Addressing emotional experiences are an integrative part of her care.

Norm Shealy, MD, PhD has a history of working as a neurosurgeon, of inventing the TENS unit for pain, authoring Energy Medicine (2011), founding Father of American Holistic Medicine, and founder of Holos University.  Coursework offered here includes spiritual development and medical intuition.  He said he had to stop doing conventional medical in 1973!

Those who have had NDE (near death experiences):

Mary Neal, was an orthopedic surgeon, who after having a near death experience began to practice medicine differently.  She became aware she would lose a son before her own death.  For 10 years before his death she didn’t tell her husband.  She’s written books about her experience.

Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon, was in a coma for 7 days after a bout with meningitis.  He’s also written a book about his NDE (near death experience).  

There actually is a group of NDE people who meet regularly in this area.

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