There are really so many more Red Cross blood drives here due to the virus. The Red Cross says though only 38% of the population is qualified to donate. You have to be at least 16, with acceptable blood pressure, temperature, oxygen and iron levels. You can sign up easily online.

In Denbigh on Oriana Blvd you can make arrangements to give blood more than once at Grifol’s Biomat. They will pay you for the blood donation.

The funny part of working at a blood drive close by was that all the workers had the white cotton-like cloth on the outside while the light blue plastic fabric was on the inside. 😀I was told this is the correct way to wear it.

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Sweet Deception

Sweet Deception is actually the name of a book exposing part of our Big Food industry.  It’s not our fault that we have been fooled by food corporations.

David and I have listened to Dr Tom Giammatteo (co-founder of Integrative Manual Therapy program) educate about sugar and sugar substitutes.  He had a book with him that was  8 1/2 by 11 and over an inch thick! with research against artificial sugar substitutes.  Our Food and Drug administration is clearly not overseeing this lucrative industry to safeguard our health.  So here it is again – a reason the U S functioning health is ranked #35 or #37 by the World Health Organization (WHO).

One of the folks who attended the Weston A Price (see previous “WAPF” entries) potluck in February 2020 said her Pastor at church actually preached against HFCS (high fructose corn syrup).  He said it was evil.  Afterwards she took a stroll down a long aisle at her local supermarket filled with cereals.  What did she discover?  There was almost nothing for her to choose without it.

High fructose corn syrup came into the food supply in 1968.  It was formulated to increase profits.   It’s now pervasive in the food supply that is supposed to be nourishing our children.

Eating through the COVID-19 virus time we’ll all be better off steering clear of high sugar/sugar substitutes to get through this time.

There is organic Stevia  for your kitchen.

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Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome (Survivors/Solutions). DAMS excerpt from Dentistry Without Mercury, 2000 ed, page 87, written by a unusual dentist

“Some very wonderful people”….who feel a strong obligation to inform other citizens of the potential health hazards of inhaling mercury vapor and swallowing abraded particles of mercury from their amalgam dental fillings 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Some have had years of suffering and frustration without ever receiving a valid medical diagnosis or having the cause of their health problems identified.”

Now that it’s 2020 you, yourself, can request a tri-level mercury speciation test online from Quicksilver Scientific.   It uses urine, blood, and hair, to give some indication of sources of mercury and ability of kidneys to detoxify.  Consultation about results, and possibly suggestions about how to strengthen kidneys for detox is included.  You can choose (or not) their products for chelation and monitoring as a separate transaction.  This is allowed for Virginia residents.  (Why not for all states?)

We have helped educate the clueless who are part of the medical-dental system we are all living with today.  Although laws are not there, we can see testimony online, watch videos, and make better choices.

We have educated at 8 Earth Days at William and Mary beginning in 2001.

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?The most important meal of the day.  Mark Hyman, MD, my mother, and many others believe that.  Starting the day with good nutrition is more important now than ever with Covid.

Dr Hyman’s bestselling cookbook, The Blood Sugar Solution (2012) was motivated by our country’s diabesity (diabetes & obesity epidemic).  He’s guiding us to eat what he eats.  Eggs or a nutritious shake.  Not sugar, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), or items loaded with gluten (carbohydrate).  In one word – PROTEIN with other nutritious tasty details.

You can watch him on You Tube with his “whole food protein shake”.  It tastes good even with fewer ingredients.  I think the book is worth having even without diabesity.  It lead me to brand names for non-stick pans without PFAS (toxic).

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The body electric summit 2.0 will be offered online FREE from February 22 to 28. The podcasts have speakers with many different approaches to health and healing now being used and studied further in this country. A different speaker group is offered each day. You can easily listen to a speaker than more than once during a a 24 hour period. There’s a wide range of topics ranging from exposure to electromagnetic frequencies to the positive effects of light on us.g Registration is going on now.

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