?The most important meal of the day.  Mark Hyman, MD, my mother, and many others believe that.  Starting the day with good nutrition is more important now than ever with Covid.

Dr Hyman’s bestselling cookbook, The Blood Sugar Solution (2012) was motivated by our country’s diabesity (diabetes & obesity epidemic).  He’s guiding us to eat what he eats.  Eggs or a nutritious shake.  Not sugar, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), or items loaded with gluten (carbohydrate).  In one word – PROTEIN with other nutritious tasty details.

You can watch him on You Tube with his “whole food protein shake”.  It tastes good even with fewer ingredients.  I think the book is worth having even without diabesity.  It lead me to brand names for non-stick pans without PFAS (toxic).