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This is the name of a section of the quarterly journal of the Weston A Price Foundation which critiques book, movies, podcasts, dvds.  Here are some suggestions from it in more recent years:

Nature’s Garden:  A guide to Identifying Harvesting and preparing edible wild plants. Book by Samuel Thayer

Stink!  Dvd produced and directed by Jon J Whelan, a single father who becomes concerned about the pajamas he bought for his child.  The smell when he opened the package was so horribly strong.  This is the story of his investigation.

The salt fix.  Book by Nicholas DiColantonio.   We’re not getting enough good quality of salt in our standard American diet.   Folks of previous generations who ate all the parts of an animal got “nutrient dense food”.  That’s the kind of food the Weston A Price Foundation talks about.  (Entries 3/3&6/20).

Adventures with Jodi.  Book by Jodi Ledley.  This is the story of one woman with migraines and chronic pain who slowly recovered.  Her recovery resulted in better quality of life for herself and her family.  She looked at her teeth too.

Head Games.  DVD directed by Steve James.  Concussions in the USA are increasing dramatically.  Although this focuses on sports activities – some small children experience a concussion before it’s time to try out for a team.  I haven’t seen it to know if craniosacral   assessment and treatment are included.  It is offered at Innovative Pain Release in town. This is a nice non invasive gentle approach for healing.

Mercury Free:  the Wisdom Behind the Global Consumer Movement to Ban Mercury Dental Fillings.  Book by James Hardy, DDS.  It covers many other sources of mercury.  Sadly although this book was published in 1996, some dentists continue to place mercury “silver fillings” in teeth.  For an update on the topic visit

Secret Ingredients. Dvd directed by Amy Hart and anti-GMO activist, Jeffrey Smith. This is a collection of true stories of more than a dozen people who regain their health simply by making better food choices.  Some comments by doctors are included.

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Newer drugs present ever greater hazards as well as potential greater benefits than ever before and they are widely used. They are often very potent and aggressively marketed and tend to overstate their merits and fail to indicate the risks in their use….
There is no way of measuring the needless suffering, the money innocently squandered, and the protracted illnesses resulting from the use of such ineffective drugs. John F Kennedy in his Consumers Protection Message March 15, 1962. (taken from a Weston A Price Journal)

And so I’ve just recently learned where Senator Edward Kennedy and now Robert F Kennedy Jr may have been exposed to such ideas.

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Here are examples of some subjects included in a Wise Traditions journal of the Weston A Price Foundation.  I am willing to give out some copies (2015-2019) in town if you call or text.

feature articles, “Surviving in the Aluminum Age”, “the Cannabis Craze”, “Sunscreens:  the Dark Side”

Merida Teller discusses risk of radiation from (electronic) tablets, more harmful to children.

Recipes from Wise Traditions

Homeopathy Journal with Joette Calabrese

Technology as Servant:  example: purchasing a water filter

Book Reviews

Legislative Updates – owners of small organic farms rubbing on state or federal legislation and other neighboring farms;  labels telling us which country our food is coming from;  legislation effecting sales of raw milk and cheese, and many more.

Podcast Interviews with folks looking at current factors affecting our health, some are MDs

Reviews of books and dvds.

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Noteworthy part 1

Kate Birch is the author of Glyphosate Free.  She had been a homeopathic health practitioner for some 25 years when she began having strange symptoms.  Suicidal thoughts also.  She first became aware of the pesticide, glyphosate, at a local Weston Price meeting – as I did.  She retraced her life journey to discover the onset of symptoms began after she had delivered a huge truck load (200 tons) of dirt for a school gardening project.  (This happened in the Midwest where, she says, this is more likely to happen.). Level of it was unknown pesticide glyphosate after working in a school garden shovelling dirt.  Glyphosate is an ingredient in the product Roundup.  This is her report of discovering and dealing with it.  Since the year 2000 the use of it has exploded in USA. Pediatricians are concerned about how it is effecting today’s growing children, because kids aren’t responding to MDs previous ways of treating common childhood issues. (entries 3/3& 6/20).

Fran Drescher, 63, actress and comedienne, has a women’s health website and sponsors some mobile testing units serving women in low income areas.  Her personal experience of going around to 8 doctors over a 2 year period before getting to a diagnosis of uterine cancer was a deciding factor in becoming involved in our “health system”.  Resources there do include books by Christian’s Northrup, MD and a holistic mercury-free dentist.  She is celebrating 20 cancer- free years.*

Arthur Firstenburg, PhD dropped out of medical school after 4 years in California and !40 dental x-rays.  He is the author of The Invisible Rainbow:  A History of Electricity and Life.  He was living in NYC when the cell phone towers started blanketing the area in November 1996.  Then he became terribly ill.  He started a non-profit, Cell Phone Taskforce, to listen to thousands of calls from the effected.  He eventually relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The cell phone taskforce now has its own website.*

Christine Schaffner, Naturopathic MD, is a grad of UVA pre-med and psychology and then graduated from Bastyr University.  As she is widening her field of influence to promote health she has had Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD as her mentor and co-worker.  Since she has a 1 year old child I expect she will be looking at more children’s issues.  She interviews many folks online looking at and addressing the 21st century factors eroding if not totally destroying our functioning health.  Many free online learning classes on various topics using what science already knows.

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S e a r c h i n g again

DuckDuckGo is the search engine to use when researching natural health, alternative/integrative medicine, herbal, homeopathic, or functional medicine.

There are now speakers, authors, scientists, and holistic/functional medicine folks who have been banned from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more.  Last week I wound up to listen to a podcast promoting health the day after it was supposed to take place.  The event was hacked.  I listened to it FREE through Rokfin.  Suppression of real science is going on for financial gain.  😕

There’s now more than one group in this country saying “Show me the science”.  I first heard it many years ago from the IAOMT group, dentists.

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