When some folks are bothered nothing much might change.  When others are bothered things can really change greatly.  What is going on now in this country is that some of the ones who are really bothered are being silenced or discredited by being labelled as anti-American.

Take one person who was indoctrinated on how to use some pharmaceutical products in medical school.  Later as a doctor he used them in the emergency room, in the US military, and in other settings.  Now as a gray-haired gent he speaks out against pharma using the MERCURY plus aluminium plus formaldehyde in products.  An immigrant who chose deliberately to come to this country – finds himself on some political anti-USA list.

He was opposed to the MERCURY aluminum formaldehyde combo before COVID.  He has opposed the pharma combination through the pandemic time.  I don’t know how much education one needs to look doubtfully at this combination.  He has lawyers to protect his voice as he practices medicine on the east coast.

Anyone here in town can test for mercury level at

This pre-scheduled blog unfortunately appeared here the day of HIS death. At 57 it was quite unexpected that Dr Rashid Buttar of North Carolina would pass on. He had much t say about what was going on with his body in his last days. Podcasts of his teachings will be online for quite awhile, as he was preparing to talk at another another large health promoting conference.