Two minutes

Two Minute Mornings  I don’t know where this book came from.  Saw it in my house and started to use it at the beginning of the year.  I’m suggesting it for growth during this time when we have so much more time to be alone.  Enjoy!

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Yellow lights of caution (just like our street lights) may show up on hand-held meters as you walk outside in your neighborhood. I suspect the yellow light would show up now in my neighborhood since Dominion Electric Smart Meter (entry 11/28/20) crew has come on through putting them up. I know darned well that every property owner didn’t opt out by filling out Dominion Electric’s required papers. And there is a bunch of rental property here.

5Gs hasn’t come here yet. People have had symptoms caused by electronics for many years before this lockdown time. (Entries 1/14/20 & 2/12/20)

Meter education on you tube and coming here next time.

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The Encyclopedia of Energy Medicine. by LinnieThomas gives some background about more than 60 methods of promoting health working in the “biofield”. These are all being studied and used in this country.

Eden’s energy medicine gets taught and used right here in Virginia. Donna Eden, the founder of it, is one of the speakers at the online body electric summit 2.0 beginning tomorrow.

You might want to take a look at the previous entry.

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Another summit

Sunday the FREE body electric summit 2.0 will begin. It’s 7 days of speakers, a different set each day only available for that one day. You can watch any one you want as many times as you want during that 24 hour period.

Many years ago I had a dentist with a masters degree (not in this “burg”) measure the electricity in my mouth, tooth by tooth. Very high reading! This happened before cell phones or even cordless phones were everywhere.

Holistic practitioners who will present for this coming event are not dentists. But more than one speaker has survived toxic teeth. They will focus on methods to have quality of life now and in the future.

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Having graduated from college a log time ago it’s only in recent years that I’ve seen references or bibliography with a “doi citation”. To me it meant a document of importance. Today’s college students use the most recent dois to get approval and good grades.

But there are older citations from such people as Alfred Stock – about mercury (potent neurotoxin) for example. In 1926 he published damning information about mercury in dental fillings hoping to warn dentists about his discovery.

Many more recent publications within the past 20 to 30 years show the deleterious effects of mercury in dental amalgam. One of the renowned, B E H., previously chairman of a state chemistry department, speaks to audiences all over the world in proceedings to limit/ban these“silver fillings”. The result is laws are changed and or dental colleges stop teaching with Hg.

My computer skills are not great, but it looks to me like his name is skipped over when reading about how mercury effects the brain. He must be 80 years old by now. He doesn’t need to redo his lab investigating, only talk to other scientists, dentists, and those concerned with environmental toxins to get his points across. Of course he can show pictures taken from slides at the microscope.

There are many “doi citations” to read at  Any person in Virginia can order a test kit to collect blood, urine, and hair from Fee covers interpretation of test by a group who are serious about addressing mercury.


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