Young people

Some have wires wrapped around them and a beeper-like device up against them.  Others are glued to their laptop, maybe resting between crossed legs.  I feel obligated to give them some education about getting downtime from electronics.  Some are developing some awareness about needing to do grounding in our current 5G environment.

Bluetooth is very damaging to our health.  The young folks I’ve talked to definitely haven’t heard that.  If I show them the newest protective thing a thing-a-ma-jig I have on my phone that says 5G, they look at me so surprised.  I copied Christine Schaffer (NMD)’sbehavior. She is the coordinator/moderator of some online holistic health summits, including oral.

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Not to measure your walking, biking, or running.  Meters to measure EMFs (electromagnetic frequency), MFs (magnetic frequencies), RFs  (radio waves) and EFs (electrical frequencies).  Now this is all beyond me.  But in the last 20 years there has been a dramatic increase in this electric technology.  All of this together is eroding our health.  But all of us can make changes (some don’t cost anything) to reduce our exposure.

Nick Pineault (2/8&12/20)is one person who is on You Tube to explain the basics of these measuring devices.  We were gifted a $35 meter years ago.  Since then several lady friends who have stayed overnight have brought their meter (maybe $179)  They showed me what is going on with electricity in my 1962 house.  The first one showed me which electrical receptacles weren’t grounded and needed to be repaired. Ungrounded receptacles give off electrical signals that are eroding health, even if we can’t feel them.  (9/20/19)

The second friend came and slept in a room that registered green – ok..  She had a great sleep which she hadn’t had in a long time.  (1/14/20)

Now Dominion Energy has come through my neighborhood to put on Smart Meters.  If you don’t have them in your neighborhood, you can call them at 866 566 9472 to send a form to you by snail mail to opt out.  The effects of these “Smart” are “very bad” according to many scientists, doctors, and people trying to recover from exposure.

The meters to use to see what’s going on vary a lot.  Nick Pineault and LLoyd Burrell are both helping to educate about what’s going on.  They’re on YouTube and more.  (2/8&12/20).

We all need to reduce these exposures.  The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) hasn’t evaluated effects of electricity since 1996!  

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Green Bank

Green Bank is a small place in the state of West Virginia.  Because it is a federal government site for a research radio telescope, there are no cell phone towers allowed.   So it became a it refuge area for those who are hypersensitive to our wireless world!  No joke!!  A friend stayed at my house for 2 nights and proclaimed the bedroom areas are safe, showing green according to her meter.  She reported she slept soundly, something she hadn’t done in a long time.  She was on her way to her new home she had purchased in Green Bank.

What has happened more recently is that there are now people living there who are communicating with others using electronic signaling – in spite of federal law.

More about meters later

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Not the cube.  Beverly Rubik, PhD is looking at cells of people after having a cell phone resting up to the head.  Scary pictures using current technology!

Bluetooth brand and the cordless phone are worse technologies.  That’s why I felt like I was going bonkers for the short time I had a cordless phone a long ago.

Bluetooth diapers! (according to Nick Pineault) are now available to beep when baby needs to be changed.  We shouldn’t be surprised at which corporation is selling those.

See articles of 2/8&12/20

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The Environmental Health Trust has a bunch of fact sheets and posters that can be downloaded about protection from the electronic world.  Williamsburg is now getting 5Gs.

The Children’s Health Defense organization is suing the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for not looking at 25 year old rules about electrical exposure that is okayed.  CHD is really suing on behalf of all of us.

The browser, DuckDuckGo, is what to use to look up such a somewhat suppressed topic.

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