Snail mail

I’ve recently been corresponding by snail mail with someone who has hypersensitivity to electronics (no cell phone or computer activity).  She already had mercury taken out of her teeth.  She’s putting together some chelation on a limited budget in a small town.

See blogs from this past February. 

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This is a basic tool used by the homeopathic practitioners to conquer pain.  Homeopathic substances are non-toxic and used in a minute quantity.  It is also a form of energy healing.  An MD is starting to teach some homeopathy at the medical school in Richmond.  Some MD students there got to learn about and experience some biofield therapy within the last 20 years.  A nurse practitioner trained with other holistic studies was the instructor.  I also learned with her and worked as her helper in some of the Richmond biofield classes – not at the medical school.

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Holiday shopping

Book suggestions:

The Blood Sugar Solution, Mark Hyman, MD.  This includes importance of starting day off with protein, beginning orientation to current USA food supply, some recipes,  addresses some causes of chronic illness, like toxic metals, not looked at by Our conventional medical system, chronic illness, like toxic metals, not looked at by our conventional medical system.

Whole Body Dentistry, Mark Breiner, DDS.  This is a book you can use to talk with your dentist about many mouth issues from childhood on.  It coincides with issues covered in online holistic oral summits.  This book was given to libraries this peninsula years ago through DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions).

Prescription for Nutritional Healing, Balch.  Earlier version had an MD with the same last name.Great reference about herbs and foods, explanation of various concepts, like enzymes andamino acids.

Life’s Companion, Christina Baldwin.  The cover says exactly what it is – journal writing for personal growth.  Religion not included.

Other items:

Vitamix is a pricey item (but hunt around for sales).  The company replaced the top FREE when it cracked after a fall.  It can pulverize carrots while keeping the fiber. Recipe book included.

Mat for “earthing”.  We all need downtime from electronics.  My feet are on one as I’m writing this sitting on the couch.  See

Gas card from a filling station to spend time where there are no cell phones😳That is a factor being chosen by some travelers.

Protective stone in your car to offset the 5Gs territory that is increasing. I learned at a Virginia integrative holistic event that black tourmaline or shungiite offer some protection from 5Gs. One of the not so usual MDs spoke about it.

Crayons and coloring book.  Time away from electronics.  I gave some crayons out for Halloween.

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This is one of the spices in the yellow curry (usually appearing as orange color).  It can also be used alone with very little change in flavor – just changing the color.  It has many health benefits:  helps clear heavy metal toxicity, reduces inflammation and also damage from radiation, has anti-oxidant properties.  Ayurvedic practitioners feel free to say more about its positives.

A friend in Weston A Price group was using so much of it, her very light skin began to take on an orange yellow color.  But she was working on a particular health issue (not life threatening) with guidance.

Comes in capsule form too- for those not inclined to eat at one of the wonderful Asian restaurants in town.

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Recent petition

The last petition I signed was to lower the speed limit on Ironbound Rd going along before the STOP sign and turning right or continuing at 25 mph heading straight to Walsingham.  It’s just inside the front door of 504 Strawberry Plains Rd.  My guess is multitasking is causing the driving I see.

But there are now so many petitions one may sign online with:  the Sierra Club, the Environmental Working Group, the Union of Concerned Scientists, and the Consumers for Dental Choice working to get rid of mercury (“silver fillings).

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