As we at Innovative Pain Release come to celebrate our first anniversary in Dr Kowal’s building, its ozone generator protects us and or clients from harmful microorganisms – mold, viruses, and bacteria.  We feel grateful.  And looking out windows to see the various birds is another plus.

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So many people getting PhDs nowadays.  Here’s a few who don’t have them, but who are learning and teaching practical behaviors to have quality of life in our ever-increasing electronic environment.  (“5Gs” entry 2/9/21)

LLoyd Burrell “the emf guy” is online now after his own debilitating experience with electronics.

Nick Pineault, online teacher and author of the book,  The Non-Tinfoil Guide to Emfs (2019).

Dave Stetzer, was an electrician, featured in a DAMS (entries 8/20/20 & 1/23/21) newsletter, who has invented technology to stick in wall outlets to protect from harmful stray electricity. It appears to me to be something that could be used if you’re renting an apartment, where you don’t have control over the whole building.  Products sold online.

If Dominion Electric hasn’t yet put a Smart Meter on your building, you can call 1 866 566 6436 to get your opt out form through snail mail.  This is the procedure, not talking to their employee at your meter.

There are also those with PhDs and or MDs giving pointers about protecting against emfs too.  (Pictures of blood cells I’ve seen after exposure to emfs are scary to me.)

But there are also those with PhDs and or MDs giving pointers about it too.  (Pictures of bloodcells I’ve seen after exposure to emfs are scary to me.)

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Goats milk

The soap is full of nutrients.  It feels so…soothing to those who have had chemo therapy and radiation.  But others with skin conditions like rosacea and more can appreciate Tasha’s Own. You can buy it at the Farmers Markets and around town.  It’s from a local farm you can visit in Toano.  They now offer a soap making class.  There’s also some time for children’s camp to learn some older ways of farming at a modern working farm.

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A farmer

After reading ingredients on the previous RED MAT you may be ready to look a Weston A Price kind of farmer – in Virginia – where a national event of that group held a meeting last year.  He’s at  Not a mainstream site.

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Red mat

You may or may not have seen this red mat outside Earth Fare, grocery store.  It can give us all clues tothe current barrage of strange symptoms, increased chronic illness, and the rationale for the detoxification topic.  Many countries in the industrialized world don’t allow all this.  My grandparents living in the USA surely didn’t get exposed to it.

  See “Community gardens” entry 2/15/20 to see what’s being done for healthier food here. 

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