5 Gs

First heard “5Gs” from a lady half my age working in a world of electronics.  She had some concern about “it” surrounding her in the future.  She wanted to sample some of the biofield healing I was doing.  She felt this was helpful and she came back for more.  She also wanted to read more and “see something on YouTube”.  I gave her some info and told her how to see on YouTube and also where to take a nearby class.

My first experience of getting a hands-on biofield treatment was in Hampton with the GISA Sanctuary.  I felt a gentle stunning during the 8 minute treatment on the table in a large room.

It was done by 2 people.  I took this and later treatments to mean the electrical damage from my teeth was being healed.  I took some classes to work on myself and others.  Unfortunately this work done at the subatomic level is pushed to the side by the mainstream.

Tomorrow at 4pm EST there is free education at myemfwebinar.com

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This is the name of a 2017 movie I’ve seen more recently which is now available on Prime Time Video. For those who have used corporate conventional medicine exclusively it could be an eye opener. Deepak Chopra MD is one of the speakers here about body-mind medicine.
It seems to me there’s been a glaring oversight in this culture about the fact that the body has the ability to heal itself. It really does. We might take some of this more isolated time to get in touch with our inner healer.

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Pronounced key’ no-ah or keen’wah, it is a powerful grain food recommended by NASA for astronauts. But we can easily buy it here at Trader Joe’s. Easy to cook too. Just put it in the pan with water, bring it to a boil, let it set 10 minutes. Done. Then you can add other veggies or put it in a soup. Maybe make a salad once it cools – use the red variety for color.
Nutritional value is great!

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