Not a president.  The Monroe Institute has been right here in Virginia for many years.  Sounds  for learning, sounds for restoring and expanding the brain’s functioning.  They have weekend workshops and even weeklong events.  They’re all about restoring, enhancing, expanding consciousness or maybe improving ability to focus and learn.  Helping the 2 sides of the brain to work in synchrony is an important point here.  I am acquainted with one person who has attended and heard him and his wife say that it has helped his job performance A LOT.

A DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions) member gave me some of their cds.  I only ever played two that I got.  It uses binaural beats to guide the the 2 sides of the brain to become better coordinated.  I believe it has had some positive effect on me.

My blogs of February 2022 gives some explanation of Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome group.

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We at Innovative Pain Release bought our new brimming hats at Ollie’s for $8 each.  Protection from the current UV rays.  Local seniors are now in dermatologists’ offices being treated for results of years of skin exposure.  Both President Biden and his wife have recently had the  microsurgery, (MOHS) to their skin.

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Those who are open to receiving biofield therapy from me are getting it.

But that’s not what is going on for the most part in this town.

Maybe someone here has some device so we can look at changes together.

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With all the masking and distancing rules, I haven’t been to a yoga class to participate with others – which I do like.  But Lilias Folan has been on YouTube right through it all.  The hairdo and outfit are of an earlier time period.  But the moves she leads with are the same you can see around this town.  FREE

I have several of her videos you are welcome to have with a call or text.

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International Women’s Day.   Officially this is March 8 and is a legal holiday in some countries!  I learned that when I attended the Integrative Health and Healing Conference in Richmond in 2019 (before the lockdown).  It focussed on women.

Host and major sponsor of the event was Dr Rumki Banerjee, MD of Apex Med, but not the only MD.  Topics included:

Ayurvedic (ancient Asian Indian) herbal therapies

Gluten-free home delivery services available in Richmond 

Nikken magnets

Aquatic therapy to overcome pain

Microbiome and nutritional concepts to restore it

Downtime from electronics – very important -“earthing”

A pediatrician spoke about treating children with various “handicaps” – focussing on complementary therapies

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