Kudos again to the Williamsburg public library.  A recent book on display got my attention. The Ghost in My Brain shows us what is possible for recovery.  Look elsewhere to read about medical wonders within our system.  This book is science using non-invasive techniques for brain recovery.

Too bad it took the author about 8 years to reach those applying the techniques.  He lived in a major USA metropolitan area!

Many years ago I read a book from the library, It’s All in Your Head. by the famous or infamous Hal Huggins DDS. Quite controversial at that time.  It, too, lead me to a better quality of life.  February entries have more on that topic.

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Someone asked where my blog topics came from?  Some came from having read the Dental Truth newsletter of DAMS (see 1/23/21 and February earlier this year.)
Here are examples:

thimerosol     form of mercury in some Pharma products

dentists & assisting staff poisoned with mercury

picketing against dental amalgam (50%mercury)

Dr R Blaylock educating about food substances we become “addicted to”

detoxification from metals

dangers of cell phones, cell phone towers, Smart Meters

Dr Chris Shade. mercury testing now available to many

appointed Commissioner of FDA also on board of directors of an amalgam company!

jawbone diseases

dental palladium conducts electricity


dental lawsuits 


new technology and non-toxic substances for dentistry

creator of PCR test, not for COVID

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DAMS activists (see article 1/23/21) wearing their T shirts met this lady in a nearby parking lot to where the Congressional briefing was held the next day. Her family started to suspect she was crazy because she talked about feeling electricity in her mouth.

She was invited to come the next day to get her mercury vapor measured. DAMS folks told her to stop eating the tuna she thought would help her lose some weight. Of course she had a very high level of mercury. She got some excellent education, not psychiatry, and connected with a dentist who could help her get it out.

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The Weston A Price Journal winter 2018 explains the marking, SPF, is a marketing tool for toxic mixtures of skin protection   Freckles welting up or skin blistering shows you’ve gotten into the “unhealthy zone”.  Raises risk of skin cancer. 😕. Marking is used in other countries too.

Look at environmental working group site online ewg.org for better choices. See also 3/3&6/20 for more about Weston A Price.

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June 5  2022

Leo Cashman, the publisher and the main author of the Dental Truth newsletter (of the Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions group) is considered a “wise speaker” by the Stand for Health Freedom group.  I listened to a podcast recently from COVID lockdown.  Hope more folks will wake up.

I feel proud to be knowing him through telephone and mail conversations.

Description of DAMS group at 1/23/21.

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