There are various holistic health summits offered free online.  Last month I listened to some segments on the “Brain Immune Gut” summit.  They are addressing chronic disease looking at toxic exposures.  Such practitioners talk about the onslaught of toxins in our current culture.

Toxic metals, pesticides, and products in our homes are included.  Toxic teeth also.

Another “Holistic Oral Summit” was offered online in January.  I learned It’s a good move to remove wisdom teeth.  But the standard American Dental Association’s way of going about that is not for the most part helping folks “stay healthy”.  To my knowledge several dental surgeons in this town were removing teeth many years ago thinking about what these holistic dentists are saying.  No big sign outside.

I learned that Hippocrates (c375 – 460 BCE), the Father Of Medicine helped some folks’ medical conditions by removing teeth.  My mother had many teeth removed before she was 40.  She complained her teeth were making her sick.  But today’s American Dental Association’s standards for dentistry are not acknowledging that at all.  The groups of dentists

and others participating in “holistic oral summits” talk about mouth issues connected to chronic illness.  This last summit described some of the American Dental Association’s $$ corrupt methods $$ of covering up this fact.  (This is not to indicate your dentist is corrupt.)

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The Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions group in Virginia showed the video, “Of Mercury Sheep and Man” in the spring of 1999 at the main library in Hampton, VA.  The truth about how the mercury vapor escapes into the various organs was obvious for all to see.  We collected signatures on the petition to ban these poisonous fillings.

The science of mercury in amalgam dental fillings.  It’s been here.  Our Congresswoman Jo Ann Davis (R) listened to our concerns and looked at the science.  She was one of a small group who wrote a federal bill to ban these fillings.  Unfortunately she died early.  Her successor, Mr Wittman, was not interested in carrying the matter forward.

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Environmental medicine is looking at hazards in the home and work place.  I took an online class and noticed that there was no mention of dental staff being exposed to mercury, etc. I wrote telling them this was a large oversight effecting some 400,000 people nationwide.

Somehow or other the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments asked me to write about the topic. So I did.

Last summer they had a petition online to try to force dentists to show the official FDA (Federal Drug Administration) infographic sheet to their patients.  It was published and distributed in 2020.

MERCURY is a persistent neurotoxin, although it is colorless, odorless, and tasteless.  Testing is available through  All you need to do is give them a call.  You get a test kit in the mail and return samples of blood, urine, and hair.  Cost includes interpretation of test.  You may continue with them for treatment, or not.

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The FDA issued an infographic addressing the dangers of MERCURY in silver amalgam dental fillings in 2020.  You can see it at “ fda amalgam infographic”  Use DuckDuckGo as your browser for the search.

Unfortunately there are more than 25 locations on this peninsula which have business websites contradicting this infographic.  Lying advertising is what it is.😐

On the positive side Dentsply Sirena, the world’s largest manufacturer of amalgam, stopped selling it in December 2020

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One dentists story of his transformation from doing the American Dental Association’s standards of care dentistry to the International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology ‘s

(IAOMT) whole body dentistry.  You can read this at the WESTON A Price Foundation’s website.  Scroll down and click on journal articles, spring 2018.  “Odyssey” begins on page 57.

All holistic oral health summits appear to be available for purchase online.  The events continue periodically online at no cost

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