You might not have noticed, many didn’t. This was outside a grocery store. It’s part of the explanation for the stranger symptoms and our country’s chronic illness. It’s part of the reason there are medical doctors in this country including nutrition in their “doctoring”. Many countries in the industrialized world don’t allow all this. My grandparents living in the USA surely didn’t eat anything like this even during the depression when food was rationed.

See “Community gardens” entry 2/15/20 about our state and county activity to change the situation.

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Not all forms of mercury are poison. Truth: some are more potent than others. Less potent ethyl mercury may be converted within the body to the most potent, methylmercury.

There is no evidence that the more than 60 forms of energy healing (as listed in The Encyclopedia of Energy Medicine) are real.

There is something called “clean coal”.

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For some who are ready to do some heavy duty reading look at: Here you can see explanation of subtle and not so subtle changes going on in the American medical system.

Click on “Guest Writers” and go down to Mark Hyman, MD as a beginning point (if this is a new topic for you). For others beginning to look at promoting health through mind, body, spirit consciousness, or working in the energy field around our our bodies which are electric take a look at: Oschman, Rubrik, Shealy, Weil, Sinatra, Weil. They have made guest appearances on talk shows and or have segments on You Tube.

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Shedding light

My conversion to a gluten-free kitchen began before the book, Wheat Belly, by William Davis, MD came out in 2011. My husband, David R Herring, learned about that in the Integrative Manual Therapy® program, in which he is certified.

The author, a cardiologist, sheds light on a cause of our (USA) unhealthy population. He says we have actually become addicted to the new wheat – the genetically altered – which our food supply is now saturated with. Why has this happened? “$Food manufacturers are interested in getting the greatest yield at the lowest cost”$.

The author tells us there is an addiction to the current genetically altered wheat. The reason we have this new product in this country is to provide the processed food manufacturers with the greatest $$yield$$ at the lowest cost$. (See entry, “Shiva continues”, 4/20/20).

Within the last year or so I bought a hardback copy of Wheat Belly in my neighborhood – for only a $1.

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Luck of the draw

With just a random assignment by the Red Cross computer, I wound up at the Bethel Restoration Center on Richmond Rd to donate blood. The blood event took place in their Sanctuary. The spiritual music played in the pale pink room. The light came shining through the stained glass windows all with a rainbow and bird. I had an uplifting other-worldly experience! (I didn’t feel or look at any needle.)
I think the big group of “no-shows” really missed out.

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