Food books as gifts

Prescription for Nutritional Healing, James Balch, MD & Phyllis Balch.  Practical reference to drug-free remedies using vitamins, minerals, herbs, & food supplements.  Priceless.

Cooking for Life, Linda Banchek.  Some basic understanding of Ayurvedic ancient health principles of India is here.  Diet to get beyond candida.  Tasty recipes if you want to try making food taste like a local Indian restaurant.🌞

***The Blood Sugar Solution, Mark Hyman, MD.  There’s really a basic good diet here.  Protein for breakfasts.  Explanation of some healthy elements we all should include in our diets.  Lists at the end to guide folks along with some cleaner lifestyle choices.  Initially trained as a general family doctor, Dr Hyman has evolved into a leader of alternative and integrative medicine. Nice explanation of the big business of food going on in this country.  See also entry, “Breakfast”,9/1/20.

Natural Foods Cookbook 1985, Mary Estella.  Vegetarian dairy-free cuisine, recommended by Andrew Weil, MD.  More folks are choosing this path.

COMPLETE Candida Guidebook, Jeanne Marie Martin with Zoltan Rona, MD.  The standard American diet (SAD) will get many to candida overgrowth – it says.  If  changing your diet according to the suggestions is not effective, there is a section suggesting looking at other angles.  Pages warning about mercury dental “amalgam”/“silver fillings” are included.  I see this1996 book is still relevant.

Eating on the Wild Side, Jo Robinson.  Highly recommended by Andrew Weil, MD.  How to choose, store, prepare best varieties of fruits and vegetables to maximize your intake of phytonutrients is here.  Jo says this is is to compensate for the drastic changes of plant breeding and modern agriculture.  A few recipes are included.  Really a fun book!

An 86 year old resident here, not on any medication, recommended this last one.

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Kitchen gifts

Non-stick pans without PFAS (several brand names listed in The Blood Sugar Solution, a New York Times bestseller cookbook).  Try Target.

Crockpot – slow cooking pot plugs in, leaves time to do something else

Potent organic herbs.  Or chart of herbs with uses for cooking – for kitchen wall. Nowadays you can print from online site and make a decorative item.

Gluten-free foods (also without HFCS, high fructose corn syrup) like pizza, noodles, crackers, breads – all at Trader Joe’s and other places around.

Pure Leaf unsweetened (in the South!) brewed tea in a bottle.  Great for traveling!

Vita Mix. Although this is a pricey item, there are sales sometimes. (When the plexiglass top fell and cracked I called the company for a replacement, they sent a new one free of charge!). It comes with a 7 year warranty.  The package has 3 books and 2 DVDs: Whole Food, Liquid Raw Lisa Montgomery, The Wisdom and Healing power of Whole Foods by Patrick Quillan

Toaster oven – uses less electricity, can be used as a toaster for bread (kills bacteria).  Not a microwave which destroys food enzymes necessary for digestion.  First one I bought didn’t last a year.  Noe I have a Black&Decker.

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Cornish hen at holiday time is quite tasty.  $6 a pound this year at the Fresh Market.

I would feel better the day after eating some when I was in high school and still do.  I didn’t easily find information online about them ….traditions, chemicals which differentiate their taste from chicken…to share with you here.

The Fresh Market remains here😀 in spite of large corporate takeovers.

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The history of mercury in medicine dates back thousands of years.  There’s a good 4 page article in the Weston A Price Foundation about that.  Check out Search for history of mercury.  There’s a 4 page article about mercury’s persistence in the May 4, 2018 edition.

Dentists began using it around the time of the Civil War believing mercury did not escape from the mixture of the amalgam, referred to as “silver fillings”.  Current technology, like the Jerome meter, shows it is actually escaping.  The short video clip, “The Smoking Tooth” is now online for all to see.

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As I looked at (with my background) president Biden’s 12 leaders of misinformation I recognized a topic addressed by a bunch of them.  It’s mercury, (a potent neurotoxin) being used in the US conventional medical and dental world.  As I’ve stated before addressing that topic is risky behavior in this country.

Testing for mercury is available to anyone in Virginia with a call to  They will send out a kit for you to collect blood, urine, and hair samples.  You return it in the mail.  The price includes the testing and some discussion about what the results may mean. These people are serious about mercury.

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