Kitchen gifts

Non-stick pans without PFAS (several brand names listed in The Blood Sugar Solution, a New York Times bestseller cookbook).  Try Target.

Crockpot – slow cooking pot plugs in, leaves time to do something else

Potent organic herbs.  Or chart of herbs with uses for cooking – for kitchen wall. Nowadays you can print from online site and make a decorative item.

Gluten-free foods (also without HFCS, high fructose corn syrup) like pizza, noodles, crackers, breads – all at Trader Joe’s and other places around.

Pure Leaf unsweetened (in the South!) brewed tea in a bottle.  Great for traveling!

Vita Mix. Although this is a pricey item, there are sales sometimes. (When the plexiglass top fell and cracked I called the company for a replacement, they sent a new one free of charge!). It comes with a 7 year warranty.  The package has 3 books and 2 DVDs: Whole Food, Liquid Raw Lisa Montgomery, The Wisdom and Healing power of Whole Foods by Patrick Quillan

Toaster oven – uses less electricity, can be used as a toaster for bread (kills bacteria).  Not a microwave which destroys food enzymes necessary for digestion.  First one I bought didn’t last a year.  Noe I have a Black&Decker.