Old houses

A friend came with her  meter to check all our electrical outlets. She found a bunch that weren’t grounded. That means more emf exposure. For $350 we had the issue corrected by an electrician.
I can feel the difference!

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My Holistic Voice in Williamsburg

Linda Cifelli giving Healing Touch therapy to a clientWelcome! My name is Linda Cifelli. I’m a holistic healer. I clear, balance, and energize the human energy system.  My hands use gentle touch or hover close to the fully-clothed body for this treatment.
It promotes healing of body, mind, and spirit. It can be used in conjunction with other therapies.

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?The most important meal of the day.  Mark Hyman, MD, my mother, and many others believe that.  Starting the day with good nutrition is more important now than ever with Covid.

Dr Hyman’s bestselling cookbook, The Blood Sugar Solution (2012) was motivated by our country’s diabesity (diabetes & obesity epidemic).  He’s guiding us to eat what he eats.  Eggs or a nutritious shake.  Not sugar, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), or items loaded with gluten (carbohydrate).  In one word – PROTEIN with other nutritious tasty details.

You can watch him on You Tube with his “whole food protein shake”.  It tastes good even with fewer ingredients.  I think the book is worth having even without diabesity.  It lead me to brand names for non-stick pans without PFAS (toxic).

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The body electric summit 2.0 will be offered online FREE from February 22 to 28. The podcasts have speakers with many different approaches to health and healing now being used and studied further in this country. A different speaker group is offered each day. You can easily listen to a speaker than more than once during a a 24 hour period. There’s a wide range of topics ranging from exposure to electromagnetic frequencies to the positive effects of light on us.g Registration is going on now.

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These posters here at ehtrust.org Environmental Health Trust can be printed up and put in offices, worksites, and apartment buildings. There are now no regulations about the electronic world. But we have been living and working in more and more of it. Even if you don’t feel it, it is part of the explanation of some disabilities and dysfunction. And yet I do continue to write on this iPad.
The stated mission of EHT is to “promote a healthier environment through research, education, and policy”.

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Christopher Shade, PhD is a globally recognized expert about testing and detoxing mercury (a potent neurotoxin).  He has been featured in DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions) newsletter articles in more recent years.

His tri-test using urine, blood, and hair through Quicksilver Scientific shows levels of different forms of mercury and gives some indication of kidney functioning.  This is a newer test.

The test kit can be ordered by any individual in Virginia online  You return the kit by mail with your specimens.  The cost (not covered by insurance) includes explanation of results.  For detox you may, but need not choose this company.

Although some forms of mercury have been banned in my lifetime, other sources remain.

William and Mary geology students have been appreciative of DAMS participating in college Earth Day events.  They understand they are being exposed to some mercury in their coursework.  But many folks using skin lighteners aren’t aware that there are now some 19 products in this country containing a very high level of mercury.  I learned that detail from the Sierra Club.

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Possible (not published 12/20) movies

“Kiss the Ground” – narrated by Woody Harrelson.  It shows how some folks in this country are turning some details around to restore our soil.  A must-see movie for environmentalists!  Woody Harrelson, an environmentalist, said he feels like🙃living in this country.  Me too.  He also has an environmental website.

“Percy” – stars Christopher Walken, a favorite comedian from TV’s “Saturday Night Live”.  But this is a serious role where he is a farmer working on land his family has owned and worked on for generations.  This is a true story.  It represents what many other farmers are dealing with – Monsanto.  Monsanto was a global corporation giving us altered foods, not promoting health.  They were bought out by another to confuse us making choices.

“Story of God” – This is a series where Morgan Freeman interviews people in different cultures to better understand what people believe about the divine nature of human beings.  Nowadays the people who come to this country and this town to settle here are really from everywhere.  Places like Kazakhstan and Nepal, places we may never have heard of.

“My Octopus Teacher” – This is a documentary of one man’s curiosity and friendship with an octopus, really quite an intelligent being with 8 arms.

“We Bought A Zoo” – Single dad, Matt Damon, decides to have a business where he can spend quality time with his children.  This heart-warming story is true.

Rick Steves is a world traveler.  But what is offered through his website is mainly his tours through Europe.  Quite nice for lockdown time.

“Dirty Waters” 2019 film.  Ignore soft porn bashing pics that pop up to learn about Parkersburg West Virginia and a chemical company who’s been doing business in this state for at least 35 years.

“From Farm to Fork and Back:  Dinner table Conversations” was the theme of the 2018 Earth Day at William and Mary.  Dr Vendana Shiva, author, global environmental activist.

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Back in the fall we (at Innovative Pain Release) used our complementary therapies for David’s surgery. I used my interior development with methods I studied right here in this country. I used a biofield therapy on him, before, during along with his surgeon, and after the surgery. When I spoke to the nurse in the recovery room and told her what I did she was 😁 delighted. (This didn’t happen here in “the burg”.) He didn’t need any narcotics afterwards. He was up and working the third day after the event.
Cheers for the New Year!

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Surprises for seniors

During this lockdown there won’t be large groups of senior activities. But we may recall the free Valentine’s breakfast for seniors held at the Rec Center on Longhill Rd earlier this year. Many choices covered the tables for the buffet. Servers assisted the less able. Everyone enjoyed the music. Some danced to it. Many door prizes (no junk food!) I won a gift certificate to Sandy’s Pancake House on Richmond Rd.
Before arriving there I called to ask about gluten-free choices. Pancakes and waffles are available without gluten. Nice place, rather small. It appears to be open during this lockdown! You might want to share your order with another person.

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