Old houses

A friend came with her  meter to check all our electrical outlets. She found a bunch that weren’t grounded. That means more emf exposure. For $350 we had the issue corrected by an electrician.
I can feel the difference!

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My Holistic Voice in Williamsburg

Linda Cifelli giving Healing Touch therapy to a clientWelcome! My name is Linda Cifelli. I’m a holistic healer. I clear, balance, and energize the human energy system.  My hands use gentle touch or hover close to the fully-clothed body for this treatment.
It promotes healing of body, mind, and spirit. It can be used in conjunction with other therapies.

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Another Halloween hunting for possible prepackaged room temperature edibles to pass out.

Since I didn’t find any I will give out non-food items again.  The parents with a tiny child with celiac disease and type 1 diabetes will be glad.  I met her last year at my door.

See also entry “Treats” 10/17/20.

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Many years ago I brought up the topic of solar panels being added to our house.  My husband (with some building experience) said no.  According to recent surveys many homeowners/home buyers are now considering that feature.  People like Nick Pineault, author of The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs, have discovered they can cause negative side effects to health.  They may emit toxic electromagnetic frequencies, EMFs😳.

For a lot of details about measuring these building EMFs and offsetting their negative effects,  Nick has a podcast where he interviews Oram Miller, a building biologist.  Mr Miller is with a group teaching about safer buildings looking at electromagnetic frequencies at EMFs.  Solar without negative side effects is possible.  It appears there are opportunities for new careers with online learning.  The famous Dr Klinghardt has most recently studied with them.

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This is a reprint of a DAMS newsletter article.  While the CVS corporation and others don’t sell MERCURY thermometers nowadays, MERCURY is still in some of them and other measurement devices (blood pressure cuffs).  MERCURY, a powerful neurotoxin, is colorless, odorless,and tasteless. 

Description of DAMS group at 8/20/20 and 1/23/21.  Direction of reading due to my technical😉

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Set your default browser to DuckDuckGo to get access to natural healing information, events, products.  Click on evergreendentalwellness.com to see a Virginia dentist’s Congressional testimony against the dental fillings which are 52% MERCURY and are still now being used to fill cavities. 

Current petition to ban these fillings is at toxicteeth.org

Check “FDA current guidelines about dental amalgam” – issued September 2020.  It lists groups which should not get them.

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Early in my life there wasn’t any such thing as wite-out.  I really appreciated it when it came along.  My bad experience came in 2019 as I wrote an article for nurses (entry 9/14/21) and was told that I needed to supply research done within the past 5 years.  As I followed along with the lead scientist in this country( whose damning research against MERCURY in dental fillings I had been passing along since 1999), I saw that his name had been whited out of more recent professional journals.  Young people may wonder about the person who speaks about and shows pictures of his work at international events as countries move toward banning MERCURY dental fillings.  He was chairman of a chemistry department at a state university until his retirement.  He has formulated a product to pull MERCURY out of the tissues.  But as befalls those who get involved in the topic, he’s being harassed about that.😕


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Moms Across America (MAM) and I’ll bet dads too, from all the men I see in the grocery stores nowadays, tested the burgers with this name.  I’ve only seen them in a grocery store this year.  They have 11x as much glyphosate as another brand of vegetarian/vegan burger released on the US market the same year.

After all the suing glyphosate will be banned as a pesticide in 2023.  I didn’t find any information about taking any  tampons off the shelves.  And high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which didn’t exist when I was a kid, is in lots of foods.

(See related entries 3/4&8/2021).

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I’ve copied using what Mark Hyman MD has as listed as non-stick pans in his bestselling bestselling cookbook.  I’ve copied having 5G protection on my cell phone as I have seen  Christine Schaffner’s (NMD) phone.  Both of these people have participated in holistic integrative dental medical FREE online events to educate and address current health challenges (a long time before COVID).

These behaviors do help promote health.  But if you suspect you have COVID you can call an “American Frontline Doctor”.

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