Old houses

A friend came with her  meter to check all our electrical outlets. She found a bunch that weren’t grounded. That means more emf exposure. For $350 we had the issue corrected by an electrician.
I can feel the difference!

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My Holistic Voice in Williamsburg

Linda Cifelli giving Healing Touch therapy to a clientWelcome! My name is Linda Cifelli. I’m a holistic healer. I clear, balance, and energize the human energy system.  My hands use gentle touch or hover close to the fully-clothed body for this treatment.
It promotes healing of body, mind, and spirit. It can be used in conjunction with other therapies.

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Local natural world

For someone coming from the city, like me,  it may be comforting to understand something about the “critters”, as my Virginia husband refers to them.  A few bats (we never  see them) live in and old pipe in our yard for part of the year and return the next year.  Their function is to pollinate plants, disperse seeds, and gobble up mosquitos.

The bees visit our yard for part of some years.    They may burrow in some wood or work in some bushes.  I’ve checked with Virginia Cooperative Extension to learn the kinds that come are not interested in stinging.   Bees pollinate flowers and vegetables.  And according to the natural health folks, honey made from local bee keepers boosts the immune system.

This year the owls are really chatting loudly late at night.  With fewer trees from all the development their population is dwindling in this country.  In some cultures there’s a lot of superstition surrounding them.  but really they are our friends – eating rats and other rodents that damage homes, barns, and other buildings.  We  needn’t be afraid to hear them.  We should not try to feed them – that’s when they may turn on us.

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Emerald Thai is a very nice authentic restaurant for Thai food just off Rt 60.  Many gluten-free choices are available.  You can choose the spice level, if any.  You can choose seafood, beef, or chicken or vegetarian for an entree.  Traditional music.  Beautiful fish in the glass tanks.

The Spice Palace Indian Restaurant is another place with many gluten-free choices.  It’s just off Rt 5 near the big Food Lion.   It has recipes from southern India, home of the owner.  You can choose spice level, if any.  You can choose seafood, beef, or chicken or vegetarian for an entree.  Traditional music.

Sandy’s Pancake and Waffle House on Richmond Rd also has some gluten-free choices – waffles and pancakes.  Servings are large.  I won a free prize through the JCC Rec Center and ate there before the lockdown.

These gluten-free choices are necessary for those with celiac disease.  Non- celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS) is another health issue surfacing as our USA food supply has been altered. (Entries 4/17&20/20.)

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Quality of life

Downtime from electronics.  We all need electricity, but the increase going on now is humongous.  Check out Environmental. Health Trust for posters to share with others.

Eliminate high fructose corn syrup, HFCS.  Within the last 20 years there has been an explosion of the use of it in the USA food supply.  

When we at Innovative Pain Release donate food items to any local place sharing food with the less fortunate we exclude items with high fructose corn syrup HFCS and tuna with a high level of mercury.

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More about earthing

The book, Earthing, (2014) was co-written by Dr Stephen Sinatra, a cardiologist. who became interested in electromagnetic fields (EMFs) after his son recovered from a near-death experience working around electronics.  The pictures in glossy color make it obvious to see important changes in the body after putting your feet in the earth.  (Indoor methods are also described.) However if you do this as a daily practice 20/30 minutes daily it may effect medications you are taking for high blood pressure, blood thinning, issues with the thyroid or pancreas.  I first learned about this from a medical doctor who lived in this town and participated in an energy healing group at my house.

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Earthing reconnects us to the planet

Just by wearing rubber-soled shoes, people in modern societies have inadvertently lost the contact of bare feet with the earth and its generous supply of electrons.  That supply of electrons, provided when the bare foot touches the earth, is perhaps needed more than ever today as our electronic gadgets such as TV, computers and air conditioners, leave us with a net positive charge.

By using an electrical wire to connect our sleeping bodies to the “grounded” soil of the earth outside or simply walking barefoot whenever we can,  we can receive a flow of negatively charged electrons that will cancel out the excess positive charge that we so often have.  A scientific investigation found that earthing significantly helps to normalize the levels and daily rhythms of the stress hormone, cortisol.

Many people have experienced benefits of earthing, including a feeling of calm and natural wellness, better, more restful sleep and relief from pain – even  the chronic pain of conditions such as fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis.  Improvements have also been reported in circulatory issues, anxiety, depression, irritability, PMS, hot flashes, and irritable bowel and other GI issues.

For more information visit earthinginstitute.com and Groundology.com.  (Reprinted with permission from the newsletter of Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions, also appeared in Richmond Natural Awakenings Mar/Apr 2016. Written by Leo Cashman and Linda Cifelli.) with

                        “It is health that is real wealth, not pieces of gold and silver.”

                             Mahatma Gandhi

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More Earth Day

Although they are cutting down more trees for more folks to come here to live, this is really a Nice Environment to appreciate the outdoors.  Bicycle trails, water where the turtles gather, walking paths, and maybe even the backyard to see what comes on through.  All kinds of pretty plants.  Virginia even has a Native Plant Society to help you select plants that do well in this area.

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Earth Day

As Earth Day approaches usual outdoor or even indoor events will become virtual.   The tech savvy folks will have the advantage.  I don’t even know if there is one here. 

earthday.org. however, has lots of ways to participate quizzes, petitions, and online conversations to get connected to. 

 toxicteeth.org still has an online petition to ban mercury””silver filings”.  It’s overdue.

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