Old houses

A friend came with her gauss meter to check all our
Electrical outlets. She found a bunch that weren’t grounded. That means more emf exposure. For $350 we had the issue corrected by an electrician.
I can feel the difference!

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My Holistic Voice in Williamsburg

Linda Cifelli giving Healing Touch therapy to a clientWelcome! My name is Linda Cifelli. I’m a holistic healer. I clear, balance, and energize the human energy system.  My hands use gentle touch or hover close to the fully-clothed body for this treatment.
It promotes healing of body, mind, and spirit. It can be used in conjunction with other therapies.

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Giving gifts of protection

Earthing kit will definitely give you downtime from electronics.  I think there’s a lot here for the price.   Telling pictures in the book.

Nikken (magnet company) has quite a variety of products. I had a DEXA (ultrasound) scan here at one of their meetings.  This bone density test was available for a very low fee.  Contact Al and Sandra Thornton, PhD 804-294-9644 or 804-840-5695.  Small group teaching and demos.

Black tourmaline stone for your car (at Sticks, Stones, and Bones store on Richmond Rd). I learned about that from a Virginia integrative holistic medical doctor.

Toaster oven uses less electricity, kills bacteria (but not enzymes in food necessary for nutrient absorption as microwave does. Brand name I can’t say because this first one I bought didn’t last a year.😕

Check out lessemf.com where there are a variety of items and prices ranging from clothing, to meters, to paint and more.  I have some sensitivity to emfs, I’ve used the  clothing for overseas travel.  Very nice!

Water filtration for faucets and shower heads, or maybe a pitcher

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Giving kitchen gifts

Non-stick pans without PFAS (several brand names listed in The Blood Sugar Solution, a New York Times bestseller cookbook). Saw them recently at Target.

Crockpot – slow cooking pot plugs in, leaves time to do something else

Potent organic herbs  – offered at Green Cauldron, off Richmond Rd in Norge.

Chart of herbs with uses for cooking – for kitchen wall. Nowadays you can print from online site and make a decorative item.

Gluten-free foods (also without HFCS, high fructose corn syrup) like pizza, noodles, crackers, breads – all at Trader Joe’s and other places around.

Pure Leaf unsweetened (in the South!) brewed tea in a bottle.  Saw it in Citgo on Richmond Rd near railroad crossing.  Great for traveling.

Vita Mix. Although this is a pricey item, there are sales sometimes. (When the plexiglass top fell and cracked I called the company for a replacement, they sent a new one free of charge!). It comes with a 7 year warranty.  The package has 3 books and 2 DVDs.

       Whole Food

Liquid Raw.  Lisa Montgomery

      The Wisdom and Healing Power of Whole Foods. Patrick Quillan

Toaster oven – uses less electricity, can be used as a toaster for bread (kills bacteria).  Can’t recommend a brand since the one I bought only lasted a year.  (Not a microwave which destroys food enzymes necessary for digestion.)

Also see the cookbook list earlier this week

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Cornish hen at holiday time is quite tasty. Quite inexpensive this year at the Fresh Market.

I felt better the day after eating some when I was in high school. I didn’t easily find information online about them ….traditions, chemicals which differentiate their taste from chicken…to share with you here.

Hope the Fresh Market will remain here in spite of large corporate takeovers. The hen is under $5.

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Giving books about food

Prescription for Nutritional Healing, James Balch, MD & Phyllis Balch.  Practical reference to drug-free remedies using vitamins, minerals, herbs, & food supplements.  Priceless.

Cooking for Life, Linda Banchek.  Some basic understanding of Ayurvedic ancient health principles of India is here.  Diet to get beyond candida.  Tasty recipes if you want to try making food taste like a local Indian restaurant.🌞

***The Blood Sugar Solution, Mark Hyman, MD.  There’s really a basic good diet here.  Protein as essential for breakfasts.  Explanation of some healthy elements we all should include in our diets.  Lists at the end to guide folks along with some cleaner lifestyle choices.  Initially trained as a general family doctor, Dr Hyman has evolved into a leader of alternative and integrative medicine. Nice explanation of the big business of food going on in this country.  (See also entry, “Breakfast”,9/1/20.)

Natural Foods Cookbook, 1985, Mary Estella.  Vegetarian dairy-free cuisine, recommended by Andrew Weil, MD.  More folks are choosing this path.

Complete Candida Yeast Guidebook, Jeanne Marie Martin with Zoltan Rona, MD.  The standard American diet (SAD) will get many to candida overgrowth – it says.  If  changing your diet according to the suggestions is not effective, there is a section suggesting looking at other angles.  Pages warning about mercury dental “amalgam”/“silver fillings” are included.  I I believe this 1996 book is still relevant.

Eating on the Wild Side, Jo Robinson.  Highly recommended by Andrew Weil, MD.  How to choose, store, prepare best varieties of fruits and vegetables to maximize your intake of phytonutrients is here.  Jo says this is is to compensate for the drastic changes of plant breeding and modern agriculture.  A few recipes are included.  Really a fun book!

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As many will be buying presents for holiday seasons, here’s a suggestion: “The Ribbon Breath Meditation” CD by Ticia Agri. She has presented this at various energy healing conferences. We listened to it in the healing group I had in my home years ago. David met her in an Integrative Manual Therapy class.

This CD has a dramatic musical background, some nature sounds, and her voice guiding through the energy centres of the body. Neat pictures to follow along if you are new to the subject. This is real.

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Try a shake for breakfast- packed with protein and nutrition from MD Mark Hyman’s “New York Times” bestseller, The Blood Sugar Solution:
Nut Shake
1\2 cup plain unsweetened gluten-free almond or
hazelnut milk
1/4 cup nuts soaked overnight (almonds, walnuts,
pecans, or any combination)
1 tbsp organic flax and borage oil mix
2 tbsp ground flaxseeds
1/2 fresh or frozen non citrus organic fruit (cherries,
blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, peaches,
pears, or bananas)
2-4 ounces filtered water
*My note: Ayurvedic medical would exclude ice he lists

This book also teaches basics of corporate food corruption
going on now in this country.


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Cinnamon is something I used to think of only at the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas. I see it in so many other places and read about it too.  There’s s some included in a ready-made applesauce we’ve bought in the grocery store.  One year a neighbor gave me and David a cinnamon cake!   

Cinnamon is a popular spice in this country.  It can help lower blood sugar, meaning it can reduce or limit medication which a lot of people are taking nowadays.  One of the ladies I met at a Weston A Price potluck told an interesting story about it.  Her medical doctor said he would have to put her on prediabetes medication if numbers on the medical test didn’t go down.  She added one teaspoon of cinnamon to her coffee every morning.  Result?  Her doctor was happy not to prescribe any medication for her.  This senior citizen, although a bit overweight, was happier too.

Coffee spikes insulin, so adding cinnamon in some form at breakfast can be a good choice.  You might consider it in one of Dr Hyman’s shakes from his book, The Blood Sugar Solution. (See entry “Breakfast”, 9/1/20.)

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