Valerie Hunt began her work life as a physical therapist.  She taught at US medical colleges.  She also studied ritualistic healings in the US and other countries.  She’s famous for being the first to measure the human bioenergy field in a lab – a physics lab.  She worked in a physics lab at UCLA while she was well into her nineties.  You can see her give you an intro to the biofield on YouTube.  I was introduced to her work through energy healing studies with my mentor.

She has another short talk on YouTube about the necessity of water, not juice, not tea, – water.  She’s there with other topics which may be of interest on YouTube.

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The tile man

I had a conversation with a man carrying on tradition in his family by working putting in tiles, doing construction, and planning buildings in
a small town in Virginia.  Self-employed, he uses zero-VOC paints, glues, sealants, etc.  At home there is organic beef and veggies and no fluoride.

He has become aware of toxins spewed out in the area from businesses that have had a negative health effects on older family members.  So now he and his wife are ready to test for their toxic loads.  They (preschool children included) will have a mercury-free (IAOMT) dentist.  They plan to make changes to the family’s electronic environment.  As they see it these are important details for quality of life in the 21st century.

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Goat Milk

The soap is full of nutrients. It feels so…soothing to those who have had chemo therapy and radiation. But others with skin conditions like rosacea and more can appreciate Tasha’s Own. You can buy it at the Farmers Markets and around town.  It’s from a local farm you can visit.

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Shopping for holidays

David brought home a catalogue after going to a business meeting here. I easily checked out the brand name through the environmental working group’s website: It’s an old recognizable company, but I tossed out the catalogue.

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