Word meanings

To look at the word “buckwheat” you believe it is wheat – the wheat now coming under attack by the those having celiac disease and also the lesser sensitivity, NCGS non-celiac gluten sensitivity.  But actually according to Jeffrey Bland, MD, founder of US functional medicine,it’s a fruit.  It’s not a grain at all.  It’s loaded with protein and other nutritional elements that are great boosters of the immune system.  Today with so much attention focused on contagious diseases incorporating this into your food supply is really moving toward better quality of life.

There’s currently a large group of people waking up to “gluten” and what impact it’s having on their health.

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Almost February

As Valentine’s Day is coming up, the candy and decorations are displayed around now.  I recently bought a small bag of an old name brand peppermint which said No Sugar in large letters on the front.  No artificial sweetener in it as I had already learned about and shared in my blog of 4/1/20 and repeat of 1/7/21.  I liked the taste.  But I went home and investigated it to discover it contains maltitol, a kind of sugar alcohol.  It spikes up the blood sugar.  It’s definitely something to stay away from if you have diabetes.

It’s an example of the marketing corporations here are getting away with.🥴

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January activities

Spending less time outdoors because of cold weather.  Maybe you could get online to sign some petitions:

against PFAS (4,700 in USA) used to make surfaces nonstick and resistant to water and grease

   at sc.org//sc-pfas,  Learn more at PFAS-free products at sc.org/PFAS-free-world

against MERCURY  dental “silver fillings”/“amalgam”         Toxicteeth.org

against various toxic issues (where issues change often)    ewg.org

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As early as 1978 some dentists were interested in using methods not taught in dental school. That’s how the Holistic Dental Association began.  They began to connect the teeth to the health of the whole person.  A new thought.

Then in 1984 a bunch of dentists and research PhDs and a lawyer who were convinced MERCURY was a harmful substance to put into mouths as dental fillings, decided to prove it.  See 2/2022 blogs. 

In 1985 IABDM was formed to combine western medicine with a wider range of scope to use for healing the whole person.

The International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and the International Association of Biological Dentistry and Medicine now have plenty of evidence against MERCURY and other substances used by the standard American Dental Association dentists.  For most of the harmful substances they may put in your mouth you need to pay another dentist to take it out.

Modern technology reveals these fillings release Mercury vapor daily and may accumulate to form a toxic load.  Formation of the DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions) group came from those who recovered from the “worst” or the chronic unexplainable symptoms.

The IAOMT now has some 1400 members in 24 countries.

DAMS. Jan 8 2023

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DAMS folks are the people who live in a culture getting the “too bad for you” attitude by the current standard medical-dental system.  One coordinator in a western state had a support group on a college campus for a while.  He had done some studying on that campus earlier in his life.  A lot of people attended the group.  Then the administration stopped letting them have the space.  More description of this group at Jan 23 2021.

There’s job security for some not addressing the MERCURY- whether in the teeth, in the air, on a menu, or in some pharmaceutical product.  It’s a known neurotoxin.  It’s colorless, odorless,and tasteless.

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