Little women

Not the novel or the book with this title. I’m calling attention to the hundreds of thousands of women in this country who are working or have worked in general dental offices. They get exposed to many toxins, like mercury. They are not routinely tested for any build-up of toxic metals.

Louisa May Alcott who wrote the book, Little Women, in the 19th century, did suffer chronic health problems from mercury poisoning. She did some volunteering in the Civil War, got sick, and was treated with calomel, a form of mercury.

Medications in my lifetime have also had mercury. Many USA dentists still use mercury in dental “silver fillings”. Read 2020 updates on that topic at

Environmental medicine is developing to look at occupational exposures to various hazardous substances. But it’s sl o-o-w in coming. While William and Mary geology students are getting educated as they are getting exposure to mercury in this area, those preparing to work in dental offices get nothing.

I have a medical alert necklace on which states clearly after my life experience, NO MERCURY.

See “Shade” 10/27//19 about testing to look at toxic metals.

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Biofield basics

We are electrical beings, although we usually don’t think of ourselves this way. We are all born with a natural pacemaker. The laws of physics tell us then, that we must have an electromagnetic field. This is currently termed the biofield. Older writings spoke of the aura.

Biofield therapies are being used by more and more people in the United States. There is now an Encyclopedia of Energy Medicine giving introductory rationale for use, training information, accreditation information of some 60 modalities.

The term “biofield” was originated in 1992 at a National Institutes of Health meeting. Through interior development folks can relieve pain and help heal traumas interacting with a client’s energy field.

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Nowadays some of these symptoms are so-o annoying. Tinnitus, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, visual disturbances – those are some. Not life threatening, but impairing ability to perform some tasks, maybe downright painful, and then maddening since immediate help is not there.

At Innovative Pain Release in New Town these symptoms and more can be lessened and then dissipated. Integrative Manual Therapy (as studied in Connecticut), myofascia release, cranio-sacral work, strain-counterstrain, and biofield therapy do work to heal the body and maybe also for some to heal the mind and spirit. These therapies restore or add to Quality of Life.

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Community gardens

There is now state money and county money to have “community gardens”.  There are 2 here now.  One is on the Warhill High School complex and the other is in the Grove area.

For a small one-time fee anyone here can purchase a plot for their organic plants.  A group, like a Boy Scout group, can decide to have a plot.  Volunteers can work in the area, where the produce is delivered to low income groups. High school students can earn school credit by researching and writing about the plants – and also by nourishing, picking, and eating them.

All of this is available behind a locked fence with shared organic compost, water, and some free guidance. The veggies are delicious!  My husband commented about the best tomato (anciently viewed as a fruit) he had eaten in a long time🌞.

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Tinfoil continued

As the 5Gs will come at all of us, without any health warnings from the communications industry or our government, people who are feeling it are coming forward to warn us about how to avoid or cope with it.

The author of the Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs, Nick Pineault, is a journalist who has attracted a favored rating with Dr Mercola. He was also a speaker at the week-long online Body Electric Summit last fall with Dr D Klinghardt and his group.

This book is not for the engineer to read, nor is it a political expose about the communication industry. Here are some of his major points:

*Keep your cell phone away from your head, breast pocket (heart), and pants pocket (groin).

*Keep a crib monitor out of the crib. Better yet, how about just trash it?

*Don’t put the head of the bed up against a wall with lots of wiring or the circuit breaker on the other side.

*Don’t sit the laptop directly on your lap/ on legs in crosslegged position. (I see this all the time.)

*Don’t charge your cell phone by your head, especially when sleeping.

*Try not to use the phone while in the car; read also: “EMFs in the car”.

See entries: “Hunt” 12/31/19, “Green Bank” 1/14/19, “Tinfoil” 2/8/20, “My Old House” 9/30/19.

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