Back in the fall we (at Innovative Pain Release) used our complementary therapies for David’s surgery. I used my interior development with methods I studied right here in this country. I used a biofield therapy on him, before, during along with his surgeon, and after the surgery. When I spoke to the nurse in the recovery room and told her what I did she was 😁 delighted. (This didn’t happen here in “the burg”.) He didn’t need any narcotics afterwards. He was up and working the third day after the event.
Cheers for the New Year!

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Surprises for seniors

During this lockdown there won’t be large groups of senior activities. But we may recall the free Valentine’s breakfast for seniors held at the Rec Center on Longhill Rd earlier this year. Many choices covered the tables for the buffet. Servers assisted the less able. Everyone enjoyed the music. Some danced to it. Many door prizes (no junk food!) I won a gift certificate to Sandy’s Pancake House on Richmond Rd.
Before arriving there I called to ask about gluten-free choices. Pancakes and waffles are available without gluten. Nice place, rather small. It appears to be open during this lockdown! You might want to share your order with another person.

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The tongue

Know what a tongue scraper is? It’s a long plastic piece with serrated edges. You rub your tongue with it at bedtime (or other times too) to take off food particles. That way you will be less likely to get cavities from remaining food particles. Holistic dentists know about this. David got his from our dentist, Peter Evans. Ayurvedic practitioners know that too.

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Sometimes numbers so small can be significant. I got rejected recently as a blood donor because my iron level was .2 below the accepted standard. But I will make some dietary change and make another appointment.

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Nowadays there are various forms of meditation being advertised. Just look at a magazine rack. The newer information about the brain tells us the brain is more flexible than scientists previously knew. It can heal from earlier difficulties. The specialty of Craniosacral therapy, using light touch, may be able to facilitate corrections. No technology here.

There’s considerable evidence of benefits of craniosacral therapy. If you heard no cause and no cure from someone, think again. Craniosacral is getting results.

Free assessment before light touch is applied to fully the clothed body at Innovative Pain Release. Parents in this area who have brought their infants for assessment and treatment have been quite appreciative.

Gift certificates are available.

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