I’m one of those people who wants to support the food companies and businesses who are INTO trying to keep nutrition in our food system.  When I see HFCS/high fructose corn syrup it means this is a product which is highly processed.  Dr Mark Hyman and others say it’s causing liver destruction, of children and adolescents, too.  It’s in many foods.  I steer clear of it.  And we don’t donate or share such products.  It really wasn’t in foods when I was a child in this country.

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The Seafood Watch at Environmental Working Group ewg.org has a good guide to avoid the potent persistent neurotoxin, MERCURY, in fish.  Years ago DAMS** activists gave out leaflets to some of this states’ politicians.  They were another state’s warning about the many exposures to MERCURY in the USA.  We suggested that Virginia formulate one.🙃  

Chesapeake Bay Foundation says there’s way too much mercury in the bass being caught there.  It remains a popular choice on the area’s menus.  All farm raised fish have 👎PCBs.  Sushi with Japanese names of fish have very high level of MERCURY.   That comes from Mehmet Oz, MD’s magazine.  He discovered that after having a sushi habit for some time.  He reported he started to lose his ability to think clearly.🙁

**Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions described in entry 1/23/21.

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Subtle and not

A clear plastic bottle appeared in the kitchen filled with something saying “made with real cheese” in large letters.  The appearance of it I know  would have appealed to me as a child.  The huge list of ingredients said it was “bioengineered”.  This cheese product contained 3 different shades of yellow dyes!  I kept the container and threw the contents in the trash.  Not fit for the “critters” in my yard.

The National Institute of Health knows about how much marketing is going on targeting young kids and adolescents.  No one appears to be doing anything about it – except some parents and natural health groups.  

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This is a ❤️ lovely plant which sweetens as it nourishes the pancreas.  With all the diabetes in this country I think it is a great addition to our kitchens.  Ironically the Food and Drug Administration has never approved of it.

In my neighborhood I recently saw an old popular brand of chocolate candy saying “with stevia” in large letters on the package.😊. Warning:  It only takes a very tiny bit of it to sweeten.  (See “Sweet Deception” 4/1/20)

Now there are wearable devices to measure blood sugar without pricking fingers.  How nice!

However some, not all, are “Bluetooth” technology.  Bluetooth technology is very damaging.

(See also 12/6/21 & this past month of January entries).

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Our bodies are mostly water.  The newest science of water is coming from Gerald Pollack, PhD.  Older folks get dehydrated more easily and may wind up in the emergency room because of dehydration.  I have met them.

Common USA foods helping us to hydrate:

Raw apple cider vinegar

Grass fed butter



Ginger root

Raw honey




Rock salt or sea salt

So I pulled this list from Quench, a book discussed on an online holistic summit this past year.  There are more items and some hydrating recipes in the book.  Here’s a recipe.

Coconut chia pudding.     2 or 3 servings

1 1\4 cup. Coconut milk

1/4 cup  chia seeds.       Crushed will be easier to digest & more powerful

1 Tsp  maple syrup

Dash of vanilla

Top with berries!

Chia seeds are very hydrating.  I didn’t include them above because I don’t think they are common.  This is my first time using them.  Consistency is thicker than tapioca.  Yum!

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