Court case won against Federal Communication Commission (FCC).  Current “standards” of safe exposure to our 2021 electronic world are “way too high”.  Our safety standards allow much higher level of exposure than many other countries.  The “standard” was decided upon in 1996 – 25 years ago. The sueing agency is the Children’s Health Defense.  But really it is in defense of all of us living in this country.  Podcast of proceedings Aug 16 available now online.

(See also entries 7/10/21, 4/23/21, 3/21/21, 3/4/21, 2/8 &12/20, 1/11 &15/21, 2/9/21, 2/8 &12/20, 1/14/20.)

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I went to the nearby Best Buy store and discovered this area is already getting 5Gs (entry 2/9/21)🥴  I went there to see if I could purchase a keyboard that is not Bluetooth.  Bluetooth is the most dangerous of the WiFi.  I learned there is no other keyboard option for my current electronic device.  I need to look into this

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3 groups

There are dentists who do not put MERCURY “silver fillings”/“dental amalgam” in teeth.  They belong to one or more of these groups:  International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, American Holistic Dental Association, International Association of Biological Dentistry and Medicine, or Mercury-free dentists.

The American Dental Association continues to say their patented MERCURY fillings are safe, despite many people’s experiences with them and the evidence from the “Smoking Tooth” video online.

Testing available from anyone in Virginia with a call :  quicksilverscientific.com.  This is more than a business.  It is testing of blood, urine, and hair.

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I recently went on a camping trip to the Great Smoky Mountains.  Camping in a tent, sleeping close to the ground, being away from WiFi – a great way to get downtime from the electronic world.  Actually some folks (not me) worked indoors in huge RVs with lamps as large as the one in my living room.

Hiking, tubing in the nearby rocky creek, playing games, kept children laughing and busy.  Sleeping in a tent close to the ground was not part of their experience.  Some places to camp in Virginia in a tent actually have changed to RVs only.

I was appreciative to have this time in nature in a reduced electronic environment.  I can see and feel positive change from this trip.

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Rest stop

On the way to a  campground getaway of course we needed to stop somewhere to eat.  The green vegetable we ordered was coated.  Glyphosate and or gluten! We hadn’t expected that.  Taking off the coating was difficult.  I looked like some picky child playing with it.  Unfortunately  this greenery is a regular item on the menu of this national chain of restaurants.

Cross cultural comparisons (from Weston A Price Foundation and other groups) show it’s the USA population that has the glyphosate.  The “M” corporation bought by the “B” corporation with logos of the “C” corporation on southern farms is not allowed to do business worldwide.

(See entry 3/4/21).

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