Only 5 years

A medical doctor who spoke at the recent free online holistic oral health summit shared that he’s only had 5 years in his adult life without symptoms from his toxic teeth ending with one unbelievable tooth.  This man spoke of difficult symptoms in his mouth and whole body beginning at the beginning of college.  Based on the age of this man he might also have gotten teething powder with MERCURY.  That was banned when I was a child – when they discovered it was killing babies.

Another speaker talked about ways to keep a healthy mouth.. He spoke about what they’ve used at home for their children.  He mentioned there’s lot of crap on the shelves nowadays for teething babies.

Next month online is the Dental Health Connection Summit.  It’s FREE and you can register now for the Sept 6-12 event.  I’m looking forward to listening to Christine Schaffner with her topic “the dental interference field”.  

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