Earth Day ed

In more recent years I have given a list of  items with mercury at Earth Day events where I have had a table to interact with folks.  This year of course everything is virtual.

So what I’ve included here is about 1/3 of the list.  If you are interested in the complete list you can call and leave your name and snail mail address.

Current products with Mercury (Hg) in th USA

1-Dental mercury “amalgam” fillings – appear silver
50% Hg. See “Smoking Tooth” video online
2- fish – dangerous amounts in tile fish, swordfish,
kingmackerel, shark *mercury rising in tuna,
grouper, snapper, orange roughy
3-coal power plants – primary source of airborne Hg
4- settles in water for anaerobic bacteria to change
it into  methymercury (more dangerous).
Mercury is recycled in the US – after banning it
from paints in 1989 and banning Mercurochrome
thereabouts, it continues elsewhere.

See the entry, “Shade” for current testing.