The others

Nowadays people with some physical symptom(s) may find many contradictions or confusion as they wind around in the medical world.

There are a bunch of MDs, themselves, who have not continued to follow what they learned in medical school. They or their families are dealing with issues that are different (newer) because of the environment, or maybe new technology helping them to see causative factors. or they believe there are emotional issues involved.

Here’s a very small list of those who are still with us:

Jacob Teitelbaum, MD. had to drop out of med school with chronic fatigue. He actually was homeless for a time. Later he focussed on chronic fatigue while completing medical school.

Russell Blaylock, MD. has been a neurosurgeon. He is now doing studies to prevent Parkinson’s disease. After one parent died from Parkinson’s the other parent got the same diagnosis and also died from it.

Richard Becker, MD. Is on several TV stations regularly. He’s a cancer survivor who has done much for himself and others with nutrition. His wife does some cooking and sharing recipes there.

Mark Hyman, MD. Teaching yoga didn’t prevent him from being bedridden at 35 years old from mercury poisoning. He had gotten a diagnosis of depression. Heavy metal testing, detoxification, and rebuilding the body with nutrition are his specialties. He has a best selling cookbook.

Nancy Lonsdorf, MD. She studied in India for a few years after med school. She has integrated Ayurveda (ancient Indian healing) and Transcendental Meditation into her practice. She is online for some consultations. She has written books about women’s health.

Stephen Sinatra, MD, an integrative cardiologist, was forced to look at the effects of the electronic world when his son wound up hospitalized and close to death. Whoever heard of a such a thing? With a “cable guy”, he’s the coauthor of Earthing which has really telling pictures.

Rudolph Ballantine, MD is the author of Radical Healing. He says his helping to start 6 detox centres in major cities didn’t do so well. I think the book is lovely if you want to look at natural healing. He is teaching permaculture in North Carolina.

Mark Breiner, DDS has a whole body dentistry center in Connecticut. His book, Whole Body Dentistry reveals his professional evolution into an integrative dentist. His experiences with children were tearful. He went through the Connecticut state court system to be able to advertise his mercury-free office. His son, a naturopath works there with him. I personally delivered copies of this book to various peninsula public libraries.

Deepak Chopra, MD began as an endocrinology and internal medicine practitioner. Born in India he met and became a follower of the Maharishi and began doing Transcendental Meditation. He speaks openly about, “chakras”. the ancient vortexes of energy the ancients knew about. They are each associated with an endocrine gland.

Mehmet Oz, MD is a cardiothoracic surgeon and a TV, magazine, and internet personality. In his presentations he pulls in some factors of the various folk medicines in this country. His wife is a Reiki (form of energy healing) Master.

Stephanie Cave, MD. Not one, but two of her children were injured by vaccines. Her pediatric practice is not usual.

Sherry A Rogers, MD says her medical practice didn’t come from being smarter than some others, but rather from being sicker, given over 30 diagnoses! Her book is Detoxify or Die. !