I listened to part of an online immune summit recently.  It wasn’t about getting jabbed for various reasons at all.

Dietrich Klinghardt, MD spoke about protection from 5G technology.  Begin with protecting the “pregnant belly” with a shielding fabric.  Pregnant women of course should not be putting their cell phone in their shirt pocket or pockets near the groin.

Toxic metals, like cadmium and mercury, pull down the functioning immune system.  These have been his topics for some 40 years now.  Glyphosate is something we (USA) are unfortunately collecting more of than anywhere else.

Years ago I traded healing sessions with C R here in town to experience some of his Autonomic Response Testing and also neural integration.  She didn’t need a medical license to take his classes.  He came to the east coast to teach some of them.

You may find an interview or podcast of him online.