Early in my life there wasn’t any such thing as wite-out.  I really appreciated it when it came along.  My bad experience came in 2019 as I wrote an article for nurses (entry 9/14/21) and was told that I needed to supply research done within the past 5 years.  As I followed along with the lead scientist in this country( whose damning research against MERCURY in dental fillings I had been passing along since 1999), I saw that his name had been whited out of more recent professional journals.  Young people may wonder about the person who speaks about and shows pictures of his work at international events as countries move toward banning MERCURY dental fillings.  He was chairman of a chemistry department at a state university until his retirement.  He has formulated a product to pull MERCURY out of the tissues.  But as befalls those who get involved in the topic, he’s being harassed about that.😕