Universal life force

Look like words from Star Trek?  In 2020 they can be used in an energy healing group as we cultivate our essence to make beneficial changes to ourselves and others.  Due to COVID I recently participated in a virtual workshop where we did treat each other at a distance.  

During a lunch break I opened the kitchen door to the deck and got a really painful sting from a hornet.  The painful finger quickly blew up and became red.  I was no longer able to bend the finger.  I participated in the 4 hour afternoon session.  I could feel the pain moving up and down the finger.  By the end of the class there was no pain, redness or swelling.  That finger continues to move more easily than the ones on either side of it. Hmm.

According to some medical information the effect of such a sting could last 48 hours. But then how could that little pest cause my finger so much pain?