This topic is here because I recently met a customer at the grocery store buying her weekly tuna.  She packs it everyday for her lunch at work.  This lady is one of the totally unaware of the high level of mercury (a potent neurotoxin) in tuna.  TV medical doctor personalities (also on You Tube), like Mehmet Oz and Mark Hyman, have gotten test results showing high mercury levels.

Here are a few websites to see the different levels of mercury (Hg) in fish:

  National Resources Defense Council.    nrdc.org

Mercury Policy Project

Mercury accumulates over time and can be extremely difficult to remove from the brain.  Tuna is still considered a staple by the nation’s food banks.  They purchase cases of it with cash donations.  Hopefully this current virus concern won’t be a reason to increase the sharing of it. David and I donate items, not cash to local food collections for the needy. No money to buy tuna.

Update Jan ‘21: Every conveniently stacked bag and box I see in this town for needy folks that can easily be picked up by those who intend to share – have tuna. Canned protein easily stored. Sales are dramatically increasing.😐