Al😐zheimers groups have events in October for folks who nowadays may spend 8 years! being treated for this no-cause no-cure malady.

At the same time we can listen to and see the foremost researcher in this country on a podcast talk about this brain malady.  It is Boyd Haley, PhD, previously head of the chemistry department at the University of Kentucky.  He got to learn about toxic metals, especially MERCURY, effecting cells in the brain before 1990.  He’s never gotten invited to any Alzheimer’s conference to speak.  If you try to look up his research through his articles in professional journals you may find the doi citation links are $broken 😕.

Maybe broken by the same group who’s ransacked his office.?

At some of the worldwide conferences Dr Haley speaks at, Christopher Shade PhD is also a speaker.  He has developed a test using urine , blood, and hair to look at toxic metals, but especially MERCURY.  Anyone Virginia resident can order the test by phone from