Sushi can be a major source of mercury ( a potent neurotoxin) because the high-level of mercury in this tuna in it is sneakily disguised with many names: ahi, maguro, meji, shiro, toro.
No one is suggesting not to eat fish. But the differences in mercury levels of various fish are substantial. I’ve never seen any warning sign about it in any fish here.

Toxicologists with Sierra Club are finding the mercury levels are alarming – in skin-lightening creams! The Food and Drug Administration banned mercury in cosmetics years ago. So how is this happening? These products are being imported from other countries without listing mercury as an ingredient. Some of the front-side labeling is not English. Hmm!

This is part of why the MDs on You Tube and TV say things like: “It’s not easy to maintain health”. “How much health can any of us really have.?”