Rest stop

On the way to a  campground getaway of course we needed to stop somewhere to eat.  The green vegetable we ordered was coated.  Glyphosate and or gluten! We hadn’t expected that.  Taking off the coating was difficult.  I looked like some picky child playing with it.  Unfortunately  this greenery is a regular item on the menu of this national chain of restaurants.

Cross cultural comparisons (from Weston A Price Foundation and other groups) show it’s the USA population that has the glyphosate.  The “M” corporation bought by the “B” corporation with logos of the “C” corporation on southern farms is not allowed to do business worldwide.

(See entry 3/4/21).

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Only 5 years

A medical doctor who spoke at the recent free online holistic oral health summit shared that he’s only had 5 years in his adult life without symptoms from his toxic teeth ending with one unbelievable tooth.  This man spoke of difficult symptoms in his mouth and whole body beginning at the beginning of college.  Based on the age of this man he might also have gotten teething powder with MERCURY.  That was banned when I was a child – when they discovered it was killing babies.

Another speaker talked about ways to keep a healthy mouth.. He spoke about what they’ve used at home for their children.  He mentioned there’s lot of crap on the shelves nowadays for teething babies.

Next month online is the Dental Health Connection Summit.  It’s FREE and you can register now for the Sept 6-12 event.  I’m looking forward to listening to Christine Schaffner with her topic “the dental interference field”.  

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Nowadays we see coconut oil on our grocery shelves.  Why?  Because the benefits of it have been studied and we need new ways to maintain or promote our health.  Dr Bruce Fife began studying it some 25 years ago.  He spoke about “oil pulling” during the recent online Holistic Oral Summit.  This is swishing a spoonful of coconut oil in your mouth first thing in the morning for 10 minutes or so.  Then you spit it out (not down pipes!).  It reduces harmful bacteria, can reduce/eradicate gum inflammation, and more.  The Ayurvedic health folks have used sesame oil this way since ancient times.

Dr Fife, a naturopath, has written a book about it or you can listen to him online.

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Ever shop at an Asian grocery store?  Prices are generally lower than the others.  Ghee is a  wonderfully healing form of butter.  It doesn’t need to be refrigerated.  

I bought a soap that said it protects against 100 kinds of bacteria.  I bought it for a skin rash.  Written in English, there were unfamiliar words on the wrapping.  But I think there are enough people around here testing with their hands 😙to be able to pick something appropriate one out of the bunch.

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If you’re new to this area you may not be aware of people here getting so sick from mold.  It has affected whole families.  It may take over a year or more to recover.  It is in old buildings

and newer ones.  In my neighborhood W&M students have had to move out of one house twice, once before the COVID lockdown.  That house was built after the year 2000.

A HEPA filter helps protect from this sickness.  Price ranges vary according to how many organisms it can filter and size of area you want covered.  Prices begins at $99

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Not the one with the blanket.  Linus Pauling (1901-1994) was a chemist, biochemist, chemical engineer, winner of 2 Nobel prizes, founder of the orthomolecular medical group, and much more.  He discovered the power of vitamin C and took a lot more of it for himself daily than the medical mainstream could ever begin to accept.  

I first learned about it being used to help to rid our bodies toxic metals in a DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions) newsletter (entry 1/23/21).  Detoxing folks may get Vitamin C in IVs for example, although no one ever offered me any😗 in this “burg”.

His popular books, Vitamin C, the Common Cold, and the Flu (1976) and How to Live Longer  and Stay Well (1987) written when  he was 85, continue to be read.

Although no one seems to be talking about nutrition to boost the immune system, holistically oriented patients are increasing their dose at this time.

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On my rooftop

I feel like I would like to put a billboard – size warning sign up on my roof to warn about the negative health effects of electromagnetic gadgetry.  Some of them are necessary.  But we all need to learn to protect ourselves.  There is an educational online summit about it from July 12 to 18.  It appears to be free.

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