Other women

***Christiane Northrup, MD. She is an integrative holistic OB-GYN.  I began reading her pieces when I picked up a book while working in a mental health setting in Richmond.  She’s been writing about women’s issues for some 40 years, now whole books about all kinds of issues.   She was educating her patients about nutrition early on, as her father, a dentist, did.  I think she does a great I hour educational great piece on You Tube about  *Thermograms*.  This test is now available through a mobile unit at the pilates center on Strawberry Plains Road. It includes a follow-up with an explanation of results of this technology using heat, not radiation.

Terry Wahls, MD. A professor at a medical school, she found herself in a wheelchair before age 40 with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.  She did a lot of her own research to regain her health and function upright.  The paleo diet has been a major factor in her turnaround.  She wrote a book, The Walls Protocol, to guide those with an autoimmune diagnosis to a better quality of life.

Tieraona Low Dog, MD.  From a Native American family, she’s recognised as an herbal specialist here and in other countries.  She teaches about healthy lifestyle choices.  She openly speaks against glyphosate (something today’s children are growing up with).  More recently she has survived stage IV breast cancer.

Suzanne Humphries, MD  She is an internist and kidney specialist.  She began noticing her kidney patients going downhill after getting vaccines the medical corporation required.  She repeatedly voiced her objections against the vaccines.  The corporation didn’t listen.  She gave up her corporate position paying over $400,000 a year.  She’s now educating about vaccines.