Other men

David Brownstein, MD.  I’ve heard him speak on TV about his noticing similar findings he and his patients had – not coinciding with what what he learned in medical school.  This all happened in the Great Lakes area.  He is now an integrative holistic practitioner who ‘s written paperbacks. He began with one about the thyroid, then added salt, iodine, the adrenals, and more.

Rashid Buttar, DO. Medical doctor whose clinic treats body, mind, and spirit and also heavy metals, movement issues, nutritional deficiencies, and vaccine reactions.  His immediate family has not fared well with our conventional medical system.

Alan Greenberg, MD  He began noticing similarities between himself and his patients – stemming from mercury (a potent neurotoxin). He made a natural formula to pull this neurotoxin out.  But $there$ were objections to his product, so it is no longer available.  He participated in the 4 day Mercury Expo here at W&Mhere in 2010 along with the DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome) group.

Vincent Speckhardt, MD. Now deceased, he was an oncologist (cancer specialist) who extended the lives and quality of lives of many.  The controversial angle of his treatments was the homeopathy (a form of energy medicine) he used to get the better results. He practiced here in Norfolk, Virginia.