Letter to the editor  

August 28, 2004. The Daily Press

I recently mailed information 

about the high concentration of

mercury in fish to the director of

food services at one of _________

assisted living facilities.  I was

prompted to do this because

swordfish appears on the menu

regularly.  According to the Food

and Drug Administration and the

Environmental Protection 

Agency, swordfish should be 

avoided due to the high concentra-

tion of mercury, a potent 


  According to the US Center for 

Disease Control, toxic metals are

high on the list of health threats

to seniors.

  Since no one from ________ has

contacted me regarding my mailing

and swordfish continues to appear

on the menu, I hope the “Daily Press”

will open up the eyes of the community 

and government officials.

Result:  Swordfish was removed from the menu 

by the Ombudsman for senior citizens of the state of

Virginia.  That’s who needed to be contacted for that

medical corporation it to remove it.

Five years later: tuna steaks appeared on the menu.

By that time the level of mercury in tuna had risen

so it was also listed in the highest mercury category.