Little women

Not the novel or the book with this title. I’m calling attention to the hundreds of thousands of women in this country who are working or have worked in general dental offices. They get exposed to many toxins, like mercury. They are not routinely tested for any build-up of toxic metals.

Louisa May Alcott who wrote the book, “Little Women” in the 19th century, did suffer chronic health problems from mercury poisoning. She did some volunteering in the Civil War, got sick, and was treated with calomel, a form of mercury.

Medications in my lifetime have also had mercury. Many USA dentists still use mercury in dental “silver fillings”. Read 2020 updates on that topic at

Environmental medicine is developing to look at occupational exposures to various hazardous substances. But it’s sl o-o-w in coming. While William and Mary geology students are getting educated as they are getting exposure to mercury in this area, those preparing to work in dental offices get nothing.

I have a medical alert necklace on which states clearly after my life experience, NO MERCURY.

See entry “Shade” about testing to look at toxic metals.